Fandom Community for: World of Warcraft


The Fandom Community for: World of Warcraft is a mobile app version of WoWWiki developed by Wikia that varies slightly from the mobile skin. It is part of a family of Fandom Communities. It has a few features not available in the mobile skin, but should have a more unified experience as time goes on.

App features

These are features that distinguish the app from the mobile skin:

  • Dark theme - more similar to desktop experience.
  • Side scrolling - of Trending pages and popular Videos.
  • Home - jump to the main home screen from anywhere in the app.
  • Random - jump to a random page.
  • History - keep track of recently visited pages.
  • Communities - browse the hundreds of other Wikia Fan Apps by category.
  • Videos - listed by Trending, Latest, and Most Popular.
  • Settings - settings and more app info.


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