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A list of some of the many English-language Warcraft universe fansites.

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Main sites

News and general sites

Icon-blizzplanet-22x22.png Blizzplanet - [1]

Icon-curse-22x22.png Curse - [2]

Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png WoWDB - [3]

Icon-external-22x22.png Blizzard Watch - [4]

Item databases

Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO Champion - [5]

Icon-thottbot-22x22.png Thottbot - [6]

Icon-wowhead-22x22.png Wowhead - [7]

Media sites

Icon-warcraftmovies-22x22.png Warcraft Movies - [8]

Icon-wcradio-22x22.png WoW Radio - [9]

Strategy sites

Icon-icyveinscom-22x22.png Icy Veins - [10]

Addon sites

Icon-curse-22x22.png Curse Forge WoW Addons - Curse

Icon-wowi-22x22.png WoW Interface - WoW Interface

Icon-wowace-22x22.png WoWAce - WowAce

Other English-language listings

Icon-search-22x22.png This section needs to be cleaned up to a higher standard of quality. Reason: Needs to be re-alphabetized, since some decided to put their sites on top.
           Also should go through and remove all dead/abandoned sites.

News and general sites

News and general sites
Name URL Summary
WoW Azzor www.azzor.com WoW news/resource site by Azzor who also hosts WarcraftCinema.com and wow-news.net. Last update May 2015?
Icon-blizzardmag-22x22.png Blizzard Magazine blizzardmag.com Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo, Heroes and Overwatch online fan magazine by the creators of Syke tech blog.
Icon-blizzardwatch-22x22.png Blizzard Watch blizzardwatch.com Blizzard news by the folks who brought you WoW Insider.
GosuGamers www.gosugamers.net/wow Competition news from the worlds of Starcraft and Warcraft (mostly WC3)
Icon-mmochampion-22x22.png MMO-Champion www.mmo-champion.com Latest WoW news, guides for factions, farming and items, raids informations and much more.
Usually contains spoilers and datamined info.
WoW MMOSite wow.mmosite.com WoW forums, gallery, guides, info, news, and video.
The Nexus thenexuswow.wordpress.com WoW blog and news site. No update since mid 2011.
Warcraft.News warcraft.news News, commentary, and other updates about World of Warcraft.
Warcraft Daily warcraftdaily.com World of Warcraft news, help, and various related topics.
Icon-wowheadnews-22x22.png Wowhead News www.wowheadnews.com The news blog for Wowhead. Includes frequent guide postings.
Icon-wowinsider-22x22.png WoW Insider wow.joystiq.com The new WoW Insider. Class info, commentary, galleries, guides, lore, news, and more! Officially defunct with archive at Engadget.
Icon-tentonhammer-22x22.png WoW @ TenTonHammer tentonhammer.com/games/world-of-warcraft News and forums. Site changed. WoW-specific subdomain (wow.tentonhammer.com) is dead. No more guides or DB.

Addon and UI sites

Addon and UI sites
Name URL Summary
Icon-curse-22x22.pngCurse Forge www.curse.com Nicely sorted into categories. Downloads down a bit, not most reliable.
Icon-wowace-22x22.png WoW Ace wowace.com/Categories AddOn listing for mostly WoW Ace based AddOns.
wowmods fin.instinct.org/wowmods Meta site: search addons hosted on any of the major addon hosting sites and communities, and list updated addons without having to visit each site individually. Includes detailed information for each AddOn, changelog histories, filtering options, RSS feeds, etc.
Icon-wowi-22x22.png WoW Interface www.wowinterface.com Comprehensive AddOn and WoW UI info and download site

Databases and resources

Databases and resources
Name URL Summary
Icon-almostgaming-22x22.png AlmostGaming Guides www.almostgaming.com Resource built from free user submitted guides.
Hardly any content.
Ask Apadwe www.askapadwe.com WoW Q&A site
Not updated since Jan 2012.
Cheevos FTW! www.cheevosftw.com Helping players to figure out what achievements to do next.
May not work for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
Icon-crafterstome-22x22.png Crafter's Tome wow.crafterstome.com/home.html One of the better trade skill info sites with lots of good tools.
Elite WoW Macros elitewowmacros.com Macros and Keybindings for every World of Warcraft class and spec.
Icon-elsanglin-22x22.png El's Extreme Anglin' www.elsanglin.com Guide to fishing in WoW.
Web site not found as of Feb 2015.[1][2]
Epic Warcraft epic-warcraft.com Huge list of free guides covering all aspects of WoW.
Exploring WoW exploringwow.com Free guides for training all professions from level 1-450
No updates since 2011.
GearScores.com gearscores.com Character GearScore Calculator, GearScore Rankings, Character Comments, and much more!
May not work with battle.net anymore.
Just My Two Copper justmytwocopper.blogspot.com Prominent gold strategies, farming guides, and wow gold making site. Forums have dozens of gold capped members.
Mad Achiever madachiever.com Find the most common achievements, pets and mounts you miss.
Not updated for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
Icon-magelo-22x22.png Magelo wow.magelo.com Popular community website that offer many tools like character profile, signature & avatar, gear planner, inventory viewer, database, item trees, interactive zone maps, item comparison, guild tools,...
WoW Echoes wow.mintymango.com It provides a list of links and resources for WoW. The resources are hand-picked for their relevance, quality and currency.
Mostly just a news aggregator.
Icon-mmo4ever-22x22.png MMO4EVER mmo4ever.com/wow Pre-Cataclysm
mmo4ever.com/cataclysm World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Cataclysm
mmo4ever.com/mists-of-pandaria World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria
Database of World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria quests, items, maps, areas, creatures, npcs, achievements, etc.
MMORPTIPS WoW mmorpgtips.com/world-of-warcraft WoW Leveling Guides & Gold Guides
Realm Pop wow.realmpop.com Shows you population statistics on characters in World of Warcraft for US/EU realms. Affiliated with Undermine Journal and Transmog Fashion
PvP Mate pvp-mate.com Check Character PvP XP and CR, advanced WoW Arena Leaderboards, Character Database
Superiorwowguide www.superiorwowguide.com General world of warcraft information and basic class strategy tips.
Not fully updated for World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria.
WoW Icon 16x16.gif TCG Browser & Deckbuilder wow.tcgbrowser.com World of Warcraft Trading Card Game Database Browser, Collection Manager and Deckbuilder.
The Undermine Journal theunderminejournal.com A source for Auction House statistics and data in World of Warcraft.
Twink Info www.twinkinfo.com Twink resource and community.
Warcraft Enchants www.warcraftenchants.com Item enchantment database searchable by slot/stat.
Not much content for Cataclysm or later.
WarcraftLootCards www.warcraftlootcards.com Warcraft Loot Cards Database.
Warcraft Mounts www.warcraftmounts.com Images of mounts. Sister site to Petopia.
Icon-WarcraftPets-22x22.png WarcraftPets www.warcraftpets.com Database of WoW small pets.
WarcraftQA www.warcraftqa.com World of Warcraft Questions and Answers system with points, achievements and helpful information for new players. (New as of Aug 2013)
WarcraftRealms.com www.warcraftrealms.com Census stats for realm and battleground information.
World of Macros worldofmacros.com Find and share World of Warcraft Macros.
Worldofwargraphs.com www.worldofwargraphs.com World of warcraft pvp statistics.
WoW-Battlegrounds www.wow-battlegrounds.com World of Warcraft Battleground Guides, Maps, Strats.
World of Warcraft
Best In Slot Resource
www.wowbestinslot.com Best In Slot lists for all classes and specs.
Wowecon.com www.wowecon.com Auction House price database
Not updated since 2011?
WoW Farming www.wow-farming.info Farming locations for all levels and professions. Find out what to farm and where to farm it.
WoW Heroes wow-heroes.com Known most for Gear Score calculator. Also pulls character stats, gear stats, crafter, and guild progression info. Supports EU, US, CN, KR, and TW.
WoW Informant www.wow-informant.com 1-600 Profession Leveling Guides & Best in Slot Items. News infrequently updated.
WoW Instant wowinstant.com Query based item database
wowkeybinding.com wowkeybinding.com WoW Keybinding Templates for all classes and Specs
WoW Loot Cards www.wowlootcards.com Complete list of WoW TCG Loot cards.
Icon-wowpetbattles-22x22.png WoW Pet Battles wowpetbattles.com

Pet Battle System Community Site.

Icon-wowraider-22x22.png WoWRaider wowraider.net Primarily a Russian site, but with several English-language supported services (log parser, DPS/HPS ratings, blue posts, PVE progress, and recruiting)
WoW Styles www.wow-styles.com Latest & Top Rated Transmogrification Fashion.
WoW TCG Loot www.wowtcgloot.com Authorative resource for all current and upcoming WoW TCG Loot.
WoWTCGLootCards.com www.wowtcglootcards.com Comprehensive look at all of the Loot Cards and WoW Loot available through the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.


Name URL Summary
Alterac Volley www.alteracvolley.com Guides, news and commentary on all aspects of WoW. Extensive Auction House tips and strategies.
All My Alts https://allmyalts.blogspot.com World of Warcraft website with news updates, visual fanfiction, auction house gold tips, and pictures of my adventures.
Angry Space Goat angryspacegoat.blogspot.co.uk News, rants, opinions and guides on Wow and several other things.
Asleep at the WoW aatwow.com/blog Sleepwalking on Sunshine
Aspect of the Hare aspectofthehare.net Rambles, guides, and stories from a Linux-lovin' and Hunter-obsessed video game enthusiast
Baluki's WoWblog baluki.blogspot.com The life and deaths of a hapless troll shaman.
Not updated since late 2011.
Big Bear Butt thebigbearbutt.com
Blacksen's End blacksen.com Ramblings of a Raid Leader.
Not updated since Apr 2012.
Blinging WoW Gold Blog blingingwow.blogspot.com Gold Making Strategies, Methods, & Guides.
Not updated since Apr 2011.
Crowd Control wowcrowdcontrol.wordpress.com Information and opinions on Blizzard policies, terms of use, and general game stuff.
Not updated since late 2010.
Huntsman's Lodge www.huntsmanslodge.com A WoW site devoted to the hunter community. Hunter class discussion, guides, resources, forums and more.
I Sheep Things www.isheepthings.com Topics cover not only the Mage class but general World of Warcraft knowledge and whatever moves him enough to post a rant about.
Stopped being Warcraft related in Sep 2011.
Kurn's Corner kurn.apotheosis-now.com Kurnmogh, a former guildmaster, who raids as a holy paladin (and plays a hunter, a mage, a druid and a shammy as well), talks about raiding, professions, various classes and has an in-progress Holy How-To guide to playing a holy paladin.
Letters from Birdfall birdfall.blogspot.com A woman's WoW humor blog.
Blogging stopped in Mar 2011.
Less QQ, More PewPew www.qqpewpew.com A Hunter blog about gameplay and mechanics.
Not updated since Mar 2011.
Pando's Lighter Side of WoW lightersideofwow.com A blog all about the amazing things Pando discovers while exploring the world of Azeroth.
Stopped blogging Mar 2013.
Makro WoW makro.over-blog.com Tips, tricks, macros and many more.
Man in a Dress maninadress.wordpress.com Mage blog with Guides for all different specs of/for Mages.
Not updated since Aug 2010.
MMO Troll mmotroll.com The cesspool of MMO Blogging. We provide a social network, free money, explosions, and girl on girl action (free money, explosions, and girl on girl action no longer provided).
Not updated since Jul 2011.
Moonkin Blog www.moonkin.info An end-game raiding moonkin's blog about balance druids and raiding.
Non-English content, needs to be moved.
Need more Rage needmorerage.blogspot.com From an orc perspective.Stopped blogging Aug 2012.
Petoholics anonymous wow.wolfdragon.net No updates since Feb 2012.
Please Feed the Troll pleasefeedthetroll.blogspot.com Views and general ramblings of a priest returning to WoW for Cata after an extended absence. No updates since Jul 2011.
RogueCraft www.RogueCraft.net A BLOG and VLOG about being a Rogue.
WoWGuideRealm wowguiderealm.com World of Warcraft Guides for making gold and leveling.
MMOExploiters: Guide and Cheat site mmoexploiters.com Guides, strategies, and the occasional cheat codes for World of Warcraft and other games.
Contains content other then World of Warcraft as well - content updated frequently.
Random Ravings of Warcraft rrvs.blogspot.com Random rants, guides, bits and pieces about Warcraft, expansion info, rogue, hunter and other theorycraft.
Not updated since December 2012.
Rawrcast rawrcast.com World of Warcraft Fan Site and Podcast
Screen Shots By Jezi ssbjezi.blogspot.com Jezi's adventures and friends through screen shots, From Kilrogg Server.
Tank like a Girl www.tanklikeagirl.com Heavy focus on protection warriors. T4-T5 level raiding, prot warrior guides, mild theorycrafting and sometimes just random stories of a casual player.
No updates since Apr 2011.
The Wyvern's Tail www.thewyvernstail.com General WoW blog about battle pets, mounts, costumes, vanity items etc, along with info on the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
New, launched May 2013
This Week in Kirin Tor (TWiKT) twikt.org Fansite and Blog dedicated to all its residents in the Kirin Tor (US) server. News, blogs and podcasts.
Too Many Annas toomanyannas.com/blog Raiding Resto Shaman Goodness
Transmog Fashion transmogfashion.tumblr.com What those that care wear, from the city streets and battlefields of Azeroth.
Tree Bark Jacket www.treebarkjacket.com Long-running restoration druid blog & resto druid guide by Keeva.Non-english content, needs to be moved.
Underachiever: every achievement in 1 year wowunderachiever.blogspot.com Achievement-focused blog with a challenge to complete in 1 year.
Warcraft Is My Main http://wcismymain.blogspot.com Opinions and ramblings.
WC Fandom WCfandom.blogspot.com A warcraft fan blog. Chat, submit warcraft strategies, wallpapers, anything relating to warcraft.
World of Matticus www.worldofmatticus.com Power through knowledge and reason.
World of Warcraft Blog worldofwarcraftnet.com A World of Warcraft blog that blogs a World of Warcraft fansite and the responsibilities to maintain it.
World of Warcraft: Fan Fiction wow-fanfiction.blogspot.com Reviews and discussions around some of the best fan fiction in Azeroth as well as some on going epic tales of our own. Come join in with our on going stories or begin your own tale and help build the open RP fan fiction community.
World of Warcraft Mage www.worldofwarcraftmage.com Fansite and Blog dedicated to Mages and spellcasters, plus WOW news, player guides and more.
World of Warcraft News blog.wow-usa.be Fansite and Blog with news about World of WarCraft and more.
World of Warcraft Strategy Guides Blog wowstrategy-tips.blogspot.com WoW fan blog with lots of strategy guides, information and tips.
WoW Girl www.wowgirl.com.br Daily Dose of a brazilian girl WoW perspective. Strategy guides, information and tips.
WoW Tips www.wowdicas.com.br WoW blog about brazilian perspective. Strategy guides, tips and information.
Wowlazymacros-icon-22.png WoW Lazy Macros wowlazymacros.com A WoW site dedicated to lazy macros and normal macros, includes all specs for all classes related to damage (tank,dps).
Wowbizspy www.wowbizspy.com A blog dedicated dedicated to all things wow, news, and raiding advice, as well as real life issues.
WowDad - The Blog of Wowkid's Dad www.wowdad.co.uk A Dad's guide to playing World of Warcraft.
WoW Hunter Builds WoW Hunter Builds A personal blog dealing with the best wow hunter builds for leveling.
Wow_Ladies: Girl Gamers of World of Warcraft community.livejournal.com/wow_ladies A community for WoW ladies to share information, stories, quests, ask for help, offer help, group up, share art, poetry - anything related to World of Warcraft!.
WoWnub wownub.wordpress.com A Blog detailing the ups and downs of someone new to the game. Also featuring news, reviews, help and the like.
The Wow Hunter thewowhunter.com A Collection of Wow Hunter Information, Facts and Guides.

Blogs (RP)

Blogs (RP)
Name URL Summary
Flinthammer Hall www.flinthammer.org The adventures of a dwarf husband and wife.
RogueCraft www.RogueCraft.net The coming-of-age story of the Rogue Class.
The Silent Ruins www.silentruins.com A new WoW based RP forum. Player Hosted, with RolePlayers in Mind. Based in the realm Server:Steamwheedle Cartel US. Site is active, but new and a work in Progress.
Tappet's Journal nozz-tappet.livejournal.com The journal of Nozz Tappet.
Travels through Azeroth and Outland destron.blogspot.com A Forsaken mage's exploration of Azeroth and Outland.
Widge's Workshop www.planeofhate.com/wow/workshop/?page=stories The adventures of Widge Gearloose: Son of Gnomeregan.
No dates, not clear when updated
World of Warcraft: Fan Fiction wow-fanfiction.blogspot.com Reviews and discussions around some of the best fan fiction in Azeroth as well as some on going epic tales of our own. Come join in with our on going stories or begin your own tale and help build the open RP fan fiction community.

Warcraft blog resources

Blog Resources
Name URL Summary
Blog Azeroth www.blogazeroth.com/index.php A World of warcraft blogging community.
MMO Melting Pot http://www.mmomeltingpot.com The best of the Massively Multiplayer blogosphere rounded up and featured every day.


Name URL Summary
Best In Slot Holy Paladin bis.vilepickle.com Dedicated to listing the best in slot Holy Paladin gear.
Death Knight Builds DeathKnightBuilds.com Death Knight guide site that has a lot of information on how to play a Death Knight and what talents you should use.
Icon-deathknightinfo-16x16.png DeathKnight.info DeathKnight.info Death Knight class and fan site. Death Knight unofficial class forum.
Death Knight Hero www.dk-hero.com Death Knight guide, including talents, gear, mechanics and raiding.
Elemental Shaman Guide Elemental Shaman Cataclysm for the Elemental in us all.
Death Knight Leveling Death Knight Leveling Death knight leveling site.
Last Rogue lastrogue.com PVP rogue blog, with information on tactics, addons, patch changes and much more.
Mage Leveling Guide www.levelamage.com Mage leveling guide and cool tips and tricks.
Mage Trainer www.magetrainer.com Mage information, news, strategy and guides.
Mage Builds MageBuilds.com Mage talent guide site.
Icon-magerage-22x22.jpg MageRage.com www.magerage.com World of Warcraft community site designed specifically for the Mage.
Icon-petopia-22x22.png Petopia petopia.brashendeavors.net Hunter pet guide
Paladin Builds PaladinBuilds.com Paladin talent guide site.
Retribution Paladins www.retpal.com Retribution Paladins Online - Guides and Information.
Rogue Builds RogueBuilds.com Rogue talent guide site.
Rogue Leveling Spec RogueLevelingSpec.org Rogue Leveling Spec site.
Roguespot.com www.roguespot.com Very well done rogue blog and community forums. Must see.
Shadow Panther www.shadowpanther.net Rogue info, strategies, gear charts.
Minimalist, a little ugly
Shadowpriest.com www.shadowpriest.com Shadow priest info, forums, wiki
Priest Builds PriestBuilds.com Preist talent guide site.
Specbot.com www.specbot.com Talent spec trends displayed on top of talent trees. Not updated since patch 3.2.
The Druid's Grove thedruidsgrove.org/wow Druid centric website
TKA Something www.tkasomething.com Hunter comunity site
The Warlocks Den wowmb.net Warlock information site
World of Warcraft Mage www.worldofwarcraftmage.com Fansite dedicated to Mages and spellcasters, plus WoW news, player guides and more.
WoW Paladin Guide wow-paladin-guide.com WoW Paladin Guide - Looking for a WoW Paladin Guide? Find out everything you need to know about the best guide right here!
Druid Builds DruidBuilds.com Druid talent guide site.
Hunter Builds HunterBuilds.com Hunter talent guide site.
Shaman Builds ShamanBuilds.com Shaman talent guide site.
Warlock Builds WarlockBuilds.com Warlock talent guide site.
Warrior Builds WarriorBuilds.com Warrior talent guide site.

Comics, artwork and stories

Comics, artwork and stories
Name URL Summary
Before the Twisting Nether www.lunarfalls.com/bttn Darker, adult-oriented fanfiction.
Mmorpgfanfic logo button cutoffswordexp22x22.png MMORPG Fan Fiction www.mmorpgfanfic.com World of Warcraft Lore Fan Fiction and other MMORPG's.
Beyond the Tree beyondthetree.wordpress.com
Cru the Dwarf www.drunkduck.com/Cru_The_DwarF
Dark Legacy Comics www.darklegacycomics.com
Icon-gamespy-22x22.png Flintlocke's guide to Azeroth http://pc.gamespy.com/
The man, the myth, the ... Dwarf.
Icon-gamespy-22x22.png Flintlocke vs.
The Horde
Rok'tar, orc hunter seeks revenge on a misguided Flintlocke.
Looking For Group Comic www.lfgcomic.com
Outskirts of Orgrimmar www.drunkduck.com/outskirts_of_orgrimmar WoW Screenshot comic, comedy/adventure, Oneshots and storyarcs
Sons of the Storm www.sonsofthestorm.com Warcraft art from Blizzard artists Samwise, Metzen, Twincruiser, Thammer, and Raneman
The Murloc is Lonely www.albatrosbits.com/murloc.php An ongoing fanfic trilogy, presently in the middle of its second novel-length book.
Hard to tell when updated (no year)
The Chronicles of the Flaming Ruby www.tfrcomic.com Cartoons set in Argent Dawn RP (EU)
Teh Gladiators www.tehgladiators.com A story about an orc, human and a tauren and their Arena exploits by award winning authors.
The Perfect Denial perfectdenial.2freedom.com A love story between half-troll/half-elf Jin Jin and night elf Ashclaw. Minor NSFW warning. Also, contains BL/yaoi/gayness, approach with caution.
#World-of-Warchicks world-of-warchicks.deviantart.com Devoted to all female players of the MMO RPG World of Warcraft, #World-of-Warchicks will promote art, cosplay, crafts and creations of DeviantART's creative WoW women.
World of Warcraft: Fan Fiction wow-fanfiction.blogspot.com Reviews and discussions around some of the best fan fiction in Azeroth as well as some on going epic tales of our own. Come join in with our on going stories or begin your own tale and help build the open RP fan fiction community.


Name URL Summary
Arena Junkies www.arenajunkies.com Arena strategy discussion with top players.
Battle Zero Network forums.battlezero.net WoW, SC2, and D3 discussions along with off-topic discussions!
FrostMourn FrostMourn.Co.CC Raiding-PvP WoW discussion forums
Metawow metawow.com WoW Gold farming forum for discussions, guides, videos, etc. Borderline spam site.
Patchtimer.org patchtimer.org/forums Player-hosted WoW discussion forums
Pyran www.pyran.co.uk Gaming Community for Adults, Rated 18+ Enter at your own risk.
Subcreation Forums forums.subcreation.net WoW forums focusing on promoting intelligent, analytical discussion
VGchat http://vgchat.info/forum/f102-world-of-warcraft video game chat
Wrath of the Lich King Forums www.wotlkforums.com Forum dedicated to discussion of World of Warcraft and the Wrath of the Lich King Expansion. Topics include News, General Discussion, PVP, Quests, Leveling, Dungeons and Raids, Races, Classes, and More.
WoW Fan Forums wowfanforums.com A All Around World Of Warcraft Forum.
WoW USA Forums www.wow-usa.be Forum related to wow and everything.


Name URL Summary
Oxheadtiny.gif GuildOx www.guildox.com Automatic 25-man and 10-man raid progress ranking based on achievements
Raider-io-favicon-20x20.png RaiderIO raider.io World of Warcraft Guild Rankings and Insights for Legion & Beyond
Recruit-Gamers www.recruit-gamers.com www.recruit-gamers.com a website dedicated to world of warcraft guild recruitment. orange: Old Site, only supporting WOTLK. Guild armory links broken. Checked on 3/28/2017.
Wowmatcher www.wowmatcher.com New World of Warcraft recruitment site with guild and player profile creation and direct custom links for sharing

History and lore

History and lore
Name URL Summary
Icon-blizzplanet-22x22.png BlizzPlanet www.blizzplanet.com Lore forums, news, interviews, RPG books & pocketbooks, campaigns, easter eggs and more
Icon-sol-22x22.png Scrolls of Lore www.scrollsoflore.com Lore forums
WoW TLDR Helm icon Black.jpg
WoW Lore TLDR.
www.wowloretldr.com Warcraft's story in one interactive page (mostly thru WC3; much of WoW story is not there yet).

Fanon and roleplaying

Fanon and role playing
Name URL Summary
Icon-wowrp-22x22.png WoWRP wowrp.wikia.com Wiki for RP players in World of Warcraft (sister site to WoWWiki)
Warcraft section of FanFiction.net game/Warcraft
Warcraft Fanon warcraftfanon.wikia.com
World of Warcraft Fanon wowfanon.wikia.com Just over 100 articles.

Movie sites

Movie sites
Name URL Summary
Herculean Productions www.herculeanproductions.com Live Action Warcraft Movies
Warcraft Cinema www.warcraftcinema.com A movie posting site hosted by Azzor
Warcraft the Movie warcraft.moviechronicles.com An unofficial news site for a possible upcoming Warcraft based movie.

Streaming channels

Streaming channels
Name URL Summary
Global Cooldown TV twitter.tv/GCDTV Streaming World of Warcraft Arena matches
Heroic Gamers 24/7 Live WoW Stream twitch.tv/heroicgamers A live stream of mostly World of Warcraft live gameplay, streaming 24/7.

RP server sites

RP server sites
Name URL Summary
Ravenholdt RP Sanctum ravenholdt.us Ravenholdt US RP community forums.
Amazingly similar to official forums
Twisting Nether Gazette wow-tng.org Twisting Nether US RP Stories and News.

Social networking

Social networking
FacesofWoW http://facesofwow.com Facesofwow is a niche social network for World of Warcraft players with profile pages, messaging and comments. There are a few gaming-specific features, however: you can add your character name, race, class, profession, realm and guild, and find members of the same guild or realm. Not to mention, guild group pages, allowing you to add members, post items to a discussion board and create new group events.
BTMMO www.btmmo.com A site to make friends, find finds, or find people who live close to you. BTMMO offers many things to do like, sharing media, interests, characters, forums, and much more all for World of Warcraft players and other video games.
Guildtag www.guildtag.com Find old MMO gaming friends or make new ones!
LFWoWPlayers www.lfwowplayers.com A World of Warcraft social networking site designed to help you find people who live close to you and play on your server.

Tools and utilities

Tools and utilities
Name URL Summary
Achieverank.com www.achieverank.com Ranking Characters and Guilds,based on their achievement points, And much more...
Arena Points Calculator www.themmonetwork.com TheMMONetwork Arena point calculator
Arena Points Calculator www.kicknit.net Arena caculator both ways with goals and a box for other webmasters
Best Signatures www.best-signatures.com WoW Signature Generator (EU/US/TW)
Character Planner www.merciless-gilde.com/charplaner/en/?show=planer Web tools for planning your character (equipment, specs, etc)
Clean Arena Calculator www.arenacalculator.net
CTScreens ctscreens.net Screenshot upload
GearScores.com gearscores.com Character GearScore Calculator, GearScore Rankings, Character Comments, and much more!
Quick Armory www.quickarmory.com Quick, comprehensive Armory mirror
WarcraftUpdate warcraftupdate.net Sends out text messages when your realm comes online/offline and at the start of world events
Who Dinged? whodinged.com Track WoW characters levelling progress and get notified via email when they ding.
WoW Arena Calculator wowden.com/arenacalc/index.php WoWDen Arena point calculator
WoW Armory Tools www.wowarmorytools.com Meta Level / Gear Score Calculator based on gear level
WoW Item Creator www.wowitemcreator.com Fun site that allows you to create your own items
WoW Macros wowmacros.com Repository of World of Warcraft macros
WoW Signature Generator www.arena-armory.com Offers a tool to create Hi-Quality Image Signatures for World of Warcraft guild & community forums
WoW Web Stats wowwebstats.com Online WoW combat log Parser
WoWAmp WinAmp Classic Skin www.deviantart.com/deviation/37880430 World of Warcraft skin for Winamp Classic
Wowdice wowdice.com Instantly create World of Warcraft signature images for your characters
WoWMatrix www.wowmatrix.com External automated addon-updater
WoW-Sammler www.wow-sammler.net Raid-Composition Tool and Hitcap Calculator
Wowpackrat www.wowpackrat.com A system for displaying your inventory, bank, and guildbanks on the web

Blizzard licensed products

World of Warcraft-licensed products
Name URL Summary
Blizzcon blizzcon.rayv.com Blizzards official site for blizzcon 2009!
WarcraftMinis.com www.warcraftminis.com The first and best fansite for the World of Warcraft Miniatures Game
World of Warcraft Clothing by J!NX www.jinx.com/world_of_warcraft Officially licensed clothing, patches, pins, stickers and other goodies


  1. ^ Archive of El's Extreme Anglin' as of 2-Feb-2015
  2. ^ Some evidence the site is down intentionally due to real life issues for site runner: Reddit: Any new info on El's Extreme Anglin'? May 2015

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