Fargodeep Mine

The Fargodeep Mine is an abandoned gold mine located in Elwynn Forest, which has been overrun by kobolds.

It is a great place to work on professions and collect some much sought after raw materials. Players will probably be around level five or six when first entering the mine, but after completing all the associated quests, they should be around level nine. It usually takes one to one and a half hours to complete all of them. A handy tip is to make certain to carry as many bags as possible, because they will fill quickly with loot. Not only will players be tasked with exploring the mine, they will also gather large candles and gold dust from the kobolds (see quest list below).

In addition to the mine quests, the "Lost Necklace" quest chain should be worked on at the same time, as it covers the same area. This is begun by talking with "Auntie" Bernice Stonefield located at the Stonefield Farm. The chain will culminate in a fight with Goldtooth, a rather large kobold located just outside on the hill above the mine.

While running through the mine, players should watch for the kobold, Narg the Taskmaster. He is a level 6 rare mob who may spawn in the back of the mine, or sometimes out in front of the main entrance to the mine.