Fathom-Guard Caribdis can be found in Serpentshrine Cavern.


This mob is part of the Fathom-Lord Karathress encounter.


Water Bolt Volley

  • This is a 45 yard area of effect spell which deals 2700-3250 damage.


  • A single target heal that does not depend on line of sight or range. It can be cast on any of the mobs, inluding Karathress and Caribdis herself. It heals for approximately 20-30% of the target's total HP. It can and should be interrupted by the tank, and also any melee DPS on Caribdis at the time. Ranged classes with interrupts should save them for Heals cast after Tidal Surge (see below).

Tidal Surge

  • Caribdis stuns all players within a 10 yard range every 15-20 seconds. They will be frozen in an ice block for 3 seconds but they still receive damage and don't lose aggro during that time. This ice block is problematic, because melee are unable to interrupt Caribdis' Heal spell during this time. To counter this, a shaman needs to stand outside the 10 yard range of this ability, and be ready to cast Earth Shock on Carabdis should she attempt to cast Heal after a Tidal Surge.

The Whirlwind

  • A whirlwind is generated which moves around the fight area. It has considerable range and can easily interfere with groups on the other mobs. It pushes the players up in the air for about 3-6 seconds and gives a debuff that reduces casting time. It looks like the arena whirlwind but does not deal any damage.


Caribdis' name likely has roots in the sentient whirlpool Charybdis, a creature encountered in Homer's Odyssey. This is also emphasized in her abilities, such as The Whirlwind and Tidal Surge.

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