Fe-Feng Village

Within the Village

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Fe-Feng Village

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is the home of the hozen near Morning Breeze Village in the Wandering Isle. Under the rule of Ruk-Ruk, the hozen have become a menace, stealing supplies and fireworks from the nearby village and vandalizing the scrolls of wisdom within the Ridge of Laughing Winds.

Ruk-Ruk lives on the outskirts of the hozen Village, in the field to the southwest, surrounded by his pilfered fireworks.


Quest givers


  • Mobs within the village tend to be tightly packed and grouped together. While stationary groups can be avoided by sticking to the main trails, there are a number of hozen that also run through the village, making matters dangerous.
  • Ji Firepaw accompanies players on the quests for this area. He will periodically drop green healing spheres, so it is important to stay near him to walk through them.

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