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Fenris Keep

The gloomy Fenris Keep used to be the home of Silverpine Forest's lordship, and housed numerous servants and several armed soldiers. The keep had strategic significance, and was home to a sizable portion of Lordaeron's military.

When the undead Scourge came to the land, however, the inhabitants were not expecting a betrayal from within. Thule Ravenclaw, an ambitious young mage, allied with the Scourge, and provided them with backing that proved catastrophic for the inhabitants of the keep. All were murdered or forced to flee, and Thule now commands a large force of Rot Hide gnolls to do his bidding. The undead gnolls hungrily attack anyone who nears the keep and their master. The gnoll Snarlmane is the general of the rot hides and the right hand of Thule Ravenclaw.

The keep's main purpose was to keep Lordamere Lake safe, and also to let no threat come against Lordaeron City from Lordamere Lake.

In World of Warcraft the keep has an inn, a forge, stables and a house.


World of Warcraft: Cataclysm This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

The leaders of Southshore and many residents of Hillsbrad Fields have taken refuge at Fenris Keep after the Forsaken plague-bombed their towns. The Hillsbrad refugees have willingly taken the worgen curse to prevent the Forsaken from raising them into undeath.