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Ruler Ragnaros

Fire elementals (or Flame elementals) are elemental creatures made of fire elements. They are beings formed of blazing flames held together to create the appearance of a muscular humanoid torso. Black metal bracers encircle the thing's arms, and its torso trails off into a fiery tail. Fire elementals are beings of hate and cruelty. They enjoy causing pain. Fire elementals ignite all that they touch and consume the air around them. Fire elementals prefer close combat, where they can set their opponents alight and take no damage from the resulting blaze. They initiate combat by suffocating to weaken their enemies before engaging in melee. Cunning foes, fire elementals lure their opponents into dangerous areas, such as dry forests the elemental can set alight. Fire elementals are intelligent enough to attack only those who seem easy targets, and they usually flee when the battle turns against them.[1] (MG 58) Fire elementals originate from the Firelands of the Elemental Plane. They speak Kalimag and Ignan.[2] (S&L 143) While many fire elementals are controlled by the elemental lords, some are minions of the elemental spirits of Outland.

  • Fire elementals mainly do fire damage. They also often have a damaging fire aura.
  • Their home/domain on the Elemental Plane is known as the Firelands.
  • The leader of the fire elementals is Boss Ragnaros.
  • The most powerful Fire Elemental currently in World of Warcraft is Ragnaros.
  • Other leaders include the lesser Firelords and Fire Princes.
  • Shamans are able to create a totem that summons a greater fire elemental.

Fire elementals during the First War

Human description

Fire elemental in female form.

The creation of a simulacrum of the elements of fire. While these servants can be constructed and controlled by powerful mages, many have proved too difficult to hold in the summoner’s power. Should they escape their creator these creatures rage uncontrollably, determined to destroy all those who are like the one that imprisoned them in this domain.[3] (W1ManH 40)

Orc description

While their watery brethren fall under the domain of the Humans, these creatures serve no other. They only seek to destroy anything or anyone that they come in contact with. No one knows if these are summoned beings, or the result of some rogue magiks. The only sure thing is that they are deadly, and seem to take some dark pleasure in the pain they inflict. [4] (W1ManO 60)

Fire elemental types

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Notable fire elementals

A lesser fire elemental

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