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The Firewing are one of the many groups of blood elves serving Kael'thas. They are established at Firewing Point.


The Firewing blood elves are a group of low-ranking blood elves[1] that work for Kael'thas and Illidan, they are using the broken draenei of Tuurem, the Wrekt, as smuggling go-betweens for the creation of the mana bombs.[2][3]

The Firewing ordered the Bonechewer clan to go from Hellfire Citadel to the Bonechewer Ruins and keep busy the Alliance and the Horde.[4][5]

The druids of the Cenarion Thicket sent Isla Starmane as a diplomant with the Firewing, however when she arrived she was captured and locked in a cage.[6]

They are working with Pathaleon the Calculator in the project at Firewing Point, they sent one of the Wrekt broken to the Cenarion Thicket with a prototype mana bomb, with the suicide mission of exploding it and killing himself and all the druids; this as a vengeance to the druids for destroying the colossi at Hellfire Peninsula.[7] Now they were producing a second one with the objective of destroying the Allerian Stronghold and the Stonebreaker Hold,[8][9] because they are causing much trouble in Tuurem, Firewing Point and the Bonechewer Ruins. Sharth Voldoun, leader of the Firewing, oversaw the project personally so that it doesn't fail.[7] However all the plan failed and the Firewing were defeated by the Alliance and the Horde.[10]


Name Location
IconSmall_Bloodelf_Male.gif Sharth Voldoun Firewing Point Terokkar Forest
IconSmall BloodElf2 Female.gif Lisaile Fireweaver Bonechewer Ruins Terokkar Forest


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