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Flame Leviathan is the first boss encounter in Ulduar, found in the Formation Grounds. Most of the players in this encounter do not use their regular class abilities, but instead use vehicles (similar to drakes in Malygos' third phase). The rest of Ulduar is not accessible until this boss is destroyed.

Vehicle info

At Expedition Base Camp at the very beginning of the instance, players are granted access to salvaged vehicles: five of each type in 25 player, and two of each in 10 player. The choppers only have a driver, while the Siege Engines and Demolishers have a driver and a gunner/passenger each. The individual roles are:

  • Siege Engine Driver – melee/tank style combat - use the ram and the speed booster to destroy close-in
  • Siege Engine Gunner – shoot things from the sky and fire at ground targets
  • Demolisher Driver – ranged damage dealer - launch long-range fireballs and special pyrite barrels that deal massive damage, launch the Gunner onto the Flame Leviathan.
  • Demolisher Gunner – feed the driver's gun with pyrite, and shoot things from the sky. Can also load himself into the gun to be launched on the Flame Leviathan
  • Chopper Driver – AoE kill the Iron Dwarves who are on foot, drop ignitable oil patches to slow down and hurt enemies, collect Demolisher Gunners who have completed their mission, bring pyrite to the Demolishers

After a wipe, the vehicles respawn at full health near the arena where the fight takes place.

Player gear and vehicle stats

Every vehicle has a baseline health value as well as baseline damage values for its various abilities. When a player mounts a vehicle, the baseline values are modified according to the item levels and gear quality the player has equipped at the moment the vehicle is mounted. If a player wants to swap gear (to increase the modifier), the player needs to eject and remount before the new modifier takes effect. Players sometimes wear rather meaningless sets with the highest Item level gear in each slot regardless of stats to maximize the vehicle capabilities.

The driver's gear affects vehicle health and damage output from driver abilities. The gunner's gear affects damage output fom gunner abilities but has no effect on vehicle health. For this reason, better geared players usually are assigned as drivers, and those with lower gear item level are assigned as gunners or get choppers.

The basline stats of the vehicle are multiplied by a modifier which is obtained from the players gear. The following 15 item slots are included in the calculation, all others are not:

Head, Neck, Shoulders, Back, Chest, Wrist, Hands, Waist, Legs, Feet, Finger, Finger, Trinket, Trinket, Main hand

To be clear:

  • Each Finger counts as 1 gear slot.
  • Each Trinket counts as 1 gear slot.
  • The Weapon counts as 1 gear slot regardless of whether it is a 1-handed or 2-handed weapon.
  • The slots that do NOT contribute are: Shirt, Tabard, Off hand, and Ranged/Relic.

Each slot contributes to the total modifier equally. The baseline values are reached when the average of these 15 items yields epic Item level 200. Empty slots contribute a low value close to zero, rare or uncommon gear yields lower, epic gear of higher item level than 200 yields higher stats than the baseline. When a Demolisher driver wears all epics with an average item level of 245, the vehicle has over 1.4 million HP (more than twice the baseline amount).

Important: A vehicle driver must NOT attempt to jump into the passenger seat him/herself more than once during the fight (in order to use passenger abilities). After the boss is pulled, the health of the vehicles is not fixed and every switch halves the Maximum HP of the vehicle.

Salvaged Chopper

  • 504,000 HP
  • 1 driver + 1 passenger


  • Ability vehicle sonicshockwave.png  [Sonic Horn] (20 energy)—Sends a wave of force in front of the motorcycle, causing 6300 to 7700 damage to all enemy targets within 35 yards in a frontal cone.
  • Ability vehicle oiljets.png  [Tar]—Drops a pool of tar for 45 sec that slows the movement speed of enemies within 10 yards. Tar can be ignited. Lasts for 45 sec. (15 sec cooldown)
  • Ability vehicle rocketboost.png  [Speed Boost] (50 energy)—Fires the fuel injectors on the bike, increasing its speed by 100% for 5 sec.
  • Inv misc hook 01.png  [Grab Pyrite]—Use your hook and chain to grab the targeted Liquid Pyrite. Place the Liquid Pyrite where needed with the Ability Vehicle LaunchPlayer.png eject button.
  • Inv gizmo healthpotionpack.png  [First Aid Kit]—Heals your passenger fully over 4 sec. (1 min cooldown)

Salvaged Demolisher

  • 630,000 HP
  • 50 Energy (Pyrite Ammo)
  • 1 driver + 1 passenger

Driver's abilities

  • Ability vehicle demolisherflamecatapult.png  [Hurl Boulder]—Hurls a massive boulder into the distance, dealing 27000 to 33000 damage to enemies within 8 yards of the explosion.
  • Ability vehicle liquidpyrite blue.png  [Hurl Pyrite Barrel] (5 pyrite)—Hurls an orb of blue pyrite into the distance, dealing damage, but consumes ammo. Also places a debuff that does damage per second for 10 seconds and can be stacked up to 10 times.
  • Ability vehicle demolisherram.png  [Ram]—Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 19000 to 21000 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2160 to 2640 siege damage to buildings. (4 sec cooldown)
  • Ability vehicle launchplayer.png  [Throw Passenger]—Launch a passenger into the distance. (2 sec cooldown)

Passenger abilities

  • Ability vehicle siegeenginecannon.png  [Mortar]—Fires a miniature explosive blast, dealing Fire damage to all enemies in the target area. An imprecise hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 120,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 siege damage to buildings. (1 sec cooldown)
  • Inv misc missilelarge red.png  [Anti-Air Rocket]—Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets. (0.25 sec cooldown)
  • Inv misc hook 01.png  [Grab Crate]—Use your hook and chain to grab the targeted crate. Grab the targeted crate to pick up Liquid Pyrite off the ground, which reloads the demolisher by 25 Pyrite
  • Ability vehicle powertowheels.png  [Increased Speed] (25 pyrite)—Injects liquid pyrite into the engines, increasing movement speed by 100%. Lasts 20 sec.
  • Inv misc enggizmos 27.png  [Load into Catapult]—Load yourself into the catapult arm, using yourself as ammunition. (30 sec cooldown)

Salvaged Siege Engine

  • 1,134,000 HP
  • 1 driver + 1 turret controller + 2 passengers (unable to attack)

Driver's abilities

  • Ability vehicle demolisherram.png  [Ram] (40 steam pressure)—Rams any enemies in front of the demolisher, dealing 22501 to 27501 Damage and knocking them back. Also deals 2850 to 3150 siege damage to buildings.
  • Inv misc enggizmos 12.png  [Electroshock] (38 steam pressure)—Shocks all targets within a 25 yard cone in front of the caster. It also interrupts spellcasting and prevents any spell in that school from being cast for 4 sec. (10 sec cooldown)
  • Ability vehicle siegeenginecharge.png  [Steam Rush] (40 steam pressure)—Put the steam engine into overdrive for a short duration, rushing forward, dealing siege damage and knocking back enemies. (15 sec cooldown)

Turret Controller's abilities

  • Inv misc missilelarge red.png  [Anti-Air Rocket] (10 steam pressure)—Fires an explosive missile that explodes on contact with air targets. (0.25 sec cooldown)
  • Ability vehicle siegeenginecannon.png  [Fire Cannon] (20 steam pressure)—Fires a cannon blast. An imprecise hit can do as little as 5,000 damage, while a direct hit will do upwards of 120,000 damage. Does approximately 2,300 siege damage to buildings.
  • Ability vehicle shellshieldgenerator.png  [Shield Generator]—Activates the shield generator on the Siege Engine, absorbing a limited amount of Physical, Fire, Frost and Arcane damage taken for 5 sec. (1 min cooldown)

Trash info

Between the Expedition Base Camp and the area Flame Leviathan is staging there is a large number of trash mobs and structures. Many of the structures start spawning Steelforge Defenders when a player comes within range until they are destroyed. Destroying certain structures (most notably the Hard-Mode towers) sometimes spawns additional enemies which may attack from behind.

Steelforge Defender - 8,316 HP

  • Can be knocked back by demolishers and siege engines.
  • Sunder Armor - applied in melee range, causes a vehicle to take slightly more damage.

Runeforged Sentry - 269,620 HP (heroic)

  • Can be knocked back by demolishers and siege engines.
  • Runed Flame Jets - The Jets of Flame Inflicts 6825 to 7175 Fire damage every 1 sec for 5 sec in a 15 yard cone infront of the caster.

Ulduar Colossus - 315,000 HP

  • These giants move very slowly once stuck in tar, making them easy to be destroyed from range.
  • Shockwave-style casted ability that can be interrupted by siege engines. Hits for a large amount of damage and includes a knock back.

Mechanostriker 54-A 50,400 HP (normal) - 151,200 HP (heroic)

  • Flying type mob that looks similar to an engineer's flying mount.
  • Several packs of these will attack the raid during the trash clear, usually from the direction of one of the towers.
  • Must be killed by the Siege Engine and Demolisher gunners' anti-air rocket ability.

Mechagnome Battletank 1,575,000 HP (normal) - 5,040,000 HP (heroic)

  • Very large spider-type mechanical. Usually you will only encounter two of these in the Flame Leviathan trash. One of them will be down the ramps to the right by the Tower of Life; the other will be up the ramps to the left by the Tower of Flames. They usually cannot be avoided and will aggro onto the raid at some point during the trash clear.
  • Fire beam which can strike a vehicle from great range.
  • Jump attack will occasionally cause this enemy to jump to a different vehicle to attack, inflicting moderate damage in the process.

Destructible structures

  • Storm Beacon – has a portal at the bottom that summons adds. Each beacon controls the respawn from a small radius around. There are 4 rows of 2 or 3 beacons each down the midway to Flame Leviathan as well as two storm beacons next to each enhancing tower, with the exception of the Tower of Frost.
  • Tower of Storms – Found down the narrow hall on the left, just before the repair pad before Flame Leviathan's staging ground.
  • Tower of Flames – Found up the ramps on the left hand side of the midway.
  • Tower of Frost – Found across the bridge on the right just before the repair pad before Flame Leviathan's staging ground.
  • Tower of Life – Found down the ramps on the right hand side of the midway.
  • Each Tower has numerous turrets which shoot fiery boulders at vehicles that come too close, as well as numerous portals similar to the storm beacons which summon adds until the tower is destroyed.

Flame Leviathan abilities

  • Spell fire incinerate.png  [Flame Vents]ω ϖ 50 yd range—Inflicts 3000 Fire damage to enemies around the caster. Ticks every second. Lasts 10 seconds
  • Inv ammo bullet 08.png  [Battering Ram]ω ϖ 30 yd range—Rams the target, dealing damage and knocking it forward. Also increases damage taken by 50% for 20 sec
  • Ability warrior innerrage.png  [Gathering Speed]ω ϖ—Movement speed increased by 5%. Stacks 20 times, leading to a 100% speed increase
  • Inv misc missilelarge red.png  [Missile Barrage]ω ϖ 50,000 yd range—Fires a salvo of missiles into the air. These select a random nearby enemy target and slam into them, dealing 3770 to 4230 damage.

Starting the event

The encounter is started by either talking to the Lore Keeper of Norgannon or Brann Bronzebeard. When talking to Brann, all Defense Towers are inactive and hard mode cannot be invoked. After talking to the Keeper, all four towers are active which is the most difficult form of hard mode. The towers can be individually switched off by destroying them. If all four are destroyed, the encounter is equivalent to normal mode. More loot is gained if more towers are up when the Flame Leviathan is defeated. The extra hard mode loot is gained only with all four towers up.

Hard mode

Towers Normal Heroic
0 23 M 70 M
1 32 M 98 M
2 45 M 137 M
3 63 M 192 M
4 88 M 269 M

Each tower not destroyed increases Flame Leviathan's health by 40% (multiplicative).

Additionally each tower has an individual ability which is activated shortly after the fight starts in addition to buffs and debuffs per individual tower:

  • Tower of Storms (Thorim's Hammer) – Boosts Flame Leviathan's Physical Damage by 25%. Thorim's Hammer causes pillars of light to appear and shortly afterward do around 10% (150k or so) damage to any targets under the beam along with a 1% damage AOE to all vehicles. After about 20 seconds this effect ends.
  • Tower of Flames (Mimiron's Inferno) – Boosts Flame Leviathan's Fire Damage by 50%. Mimiron's Inferno causes fiery orbs to fall from the sky, slowly following a predefined path. They start falling where Flame Leviathan entered the room and continue in a clockwise direction in a diamond formation. Orb strikes deals fire damage to all nearby enemies and leave behind a flaming blaze that deals damage over time when touched. This effect lasts for the entire fight.
  • Tower of Frost (Hodir's Fury) – Throughout the fight, White-Teal beams appear and follow players around. The beams don't do damage but after a beam stops moving on top of a vehicle, it calls down a ball of frost that deals frost damage to all nearby vehicles and entombs them in ice where they take an additional 1% damage per second. This ice can be broken by a fire attack.
  • Tower of Life (Freya's Ward) – Decreases Fire Damage dealt to Flame Leviathan by 10%. Freya's Ward spawns a green beam of light in each corner of the room. Plant adds emerge from these beams throughout the fight and assist Flame Leviathan in dealing damage to player vehicles. There are two types of adds.
    • Ward of Life - larger elemental that is the height of flame leviathan. One of these spawns from each corner with each wave. Normal: 317,000 HP. Heroic: 630,000 HP.
    • Writhing Lasher - smaller elemental, about the height of a salvage Demolisher or Siege Engine. Three to five of these spawn from each corner with each wave. Normal: 64,260 HP. Heroic: 190,260 HP.


Normal Mode

After the last row of Storm Beacons there is a row of normal pillars. Beyond this is a roughly square room clear of all obstacles which contains a group of mobs guarding a gate. After this group is killed, the gate opens and Flame Leviathan enters. It is a good idea to kill the mobs from range, so that player vehicles are in a safe distance from Flame Leviathan when it enters.

While mobile, the boss always targets one Siege Engine or Demolisher and tries to ram it (which causes very high damage if successful). The targeted player must kite the boss, preferably using one of the speed boost abilities. The normal kite path is a wide circle along the outer edges of the area. Every 30 seconds, the boss switches to a different target, it also switches when its current target is destroyed.

Roles by vehicle type:

  • Salvaged Chopper:
The main role of choppers is to drop Tar in front of the boss as much as possible. Dps boss with Sonic Horn only when Tar is on cooldown.
  • Salvaged Demolisher:
Demolishers are ranged damage dealers. For normal mode, keep hurling Boulder at boss is good enough for the driver. Hurling Pyrite Barrel can do more damage but is not necessary. Since hurling Pyrite Barrel consumes pyrite, it is advisable for less experience group not to use Hurling Pyrite Barrel and save the pyrite for Increased Speed. The passenger can damage boss with the Mortar.
Demolishers should stay at range from the boss all the time, they are rather fragile and move slowly.
Demolisher gunners can simply shoot at the boss using the Mortar. When the Demolisher is chased and Flame Leviathan gets too close, the passenger should use Speed Burst.
  • Salvaged Siege Engine:
Siege engines are melee damage dealers and interrupters. Stay near the boss and dps with Ram and Fire Cannon. The driver must take care to save some steam pressure to interrupt boss' Flame Vents with Electroshock.
When the boss is about to switch target (some addons such as Deadly Boss Mods give a 5 seconds warning), siege engines should start moving away from the boss. If a siege engine is targeted by the boss, it should start running away from the boss immediately. The driver can use Steam Rush repeatedly. When the boss gets too close, the passenger should use Shield Generator. Keep kiting until the boss change target.

Flame Leviathan is a very easy fight in normal mode. It is doable without the need to stun the boss (which will be explained in the next section). There is also no role / class requirement of the players and the gear requirement of the players is not strict. Therefore, it is possible to pug it.

Normal Mode Pyrite Strategy

The simplest way to defeat Flame Leviathan (and most common in ten-man pugs) is to spam him with Pyrite barrels. Before pulling the last group of trash in front of the gate, the raid should sit at the entrance to the courtyard while Demolisher and Siege Engine gunners shoot down as much Pyrite as they can. After about a minute the area should be littered with enough barrels that Demolishers can attack solely with Pyrite without having to worry about running out of ammunition. Demolisher gunners should concentrate on keeping Pyrite stocks up, Choppers and Siege Engines should attack the boss as usual.

Drivers will still have to be aware if they are being targeted and run away as necessary, but as Flame Leviathan will only last around a minute in normal mode under sustained Pyrite fire, he won't have time to change targets more than once.

Hard Mode

With towers up, the encounter gets increasingly difficult. To beat it, two additional elements compared to normal mode need to be considered: Shutdown and Pyrite. The fight can be simplified by just using Pyrite, but (depending on gear) it may be neccessary to use Shutdown, and then a rather complex choreography needs to take place.


Demolisher drivers can shoot pyrite. This causes a stacking DoT on Flame Leviathan, which at 10 stacks deals about 100-150k damage per tick. In hard mode, all other sources of damage can be ignored, as long as the Demolishers keep the pyrite stacks rolling. To make this possible, the Demolisher gunners must supply their drivers with pyrite. They must shoot it from the sky, and collect it with Grab Crate. The drivers must move so that they are close to pyrite on the ground.


Demolisher gunners can load themselves into the Demolisher's main catapult. The driver can then launch them so that they land on top of Flame Leviathan, near one of the Combat Leviathan Defense Turrets. There are 2 turrets in 10-player mode, 4 in 25-player.

Once the launched player lands atop the Leviathan he will be unable to move and will only be able to melee the turret closest to him. Ranged classes can reach all turrets, so ranged DPS classes are almost always the ones thrown. The turrets will defend themselves with a flame attack, which while not powerful can be problematic. Having a ranged DPS class that can also heal (such as an Elemental Shaman or Moonkin Druid) can help.

The players may eject at any time to be parachuted the ground, although doing so before the Leviathan shuts down is often fatal due to the Leviathan's constant AoE. Players can then jump back into vehicles. Motorcycles, with their sidecars empty, can easily pick up former gunners and ferry them back to their Demolisher seat.

After all turrets are destroyed,and Flame Leviathan goes into an 8 second shutdown, during which it stops moving or dealing damage, uses no abilities, takes 50% more damage and resets the Gather Speed buff stack.

Shutdown is a highly desirable state, but shooting a Demolisher gunner means he no longer gathers pyrite for that Demolisher. A Demolisher can store enough pyrite for 10 shots. If the driver is conservative and shoots only once every 9 seconds just so the debuff stays up, the stock lasts a minute and more, which is in theory ample time for the gunner to destroy the turrets and resume collecting pyrite. In practise, drivers like to have a twitchy trigger finger, and collecting pyrite requires manoeuvering, so it may in effect take longer and the pyrite stack goes down.

Double-man Demolisher Guns

Another idea is to assign two gunners to some demolishers. Prior to pulling the boss, one player can preload in the demolisher gun, and a second player can man the gun. In that state, the preloaded player can be launched, while the demolisher retains a gunner to keep up the pyrite supply. After the first shutdown is over, the second player can load himself, and he can be launched as soon as shutdown is over, even before the first player is brought back to the demolisher.

In 10 player, one chopper is not used, and that player is used as second gunner in one demolisher.

In 25 player, various combinations are possible. If two damage dealers are enough to bring all turrets down fast enough, two choppers can be abandoned and two demolishers get a second gunner. If three damage dealers are needed, one chopper and one Siege Engine are left empty.


Targeting Demolishers

The Flame Leviathan on live servers targets Demolishers as well as Siege Engines. On PTR builds, it only targeted Siege Engines. This was thought to be a bug, but was confirmed to be working as intended.[1]

Changing seats

Currently (2009-06-26) drivers of Demolishers can no longer change seats to either hook their own Pyrite or use the Speed Boost. Upon changing seats (via clicking the open space or change seat key binding), the Demolisher sometimes despawns and the player then dies from Flame Leviathan's AoE effects.

Going through the barrier

It has been reported that if somebody in the raid group pulls the Flame Leviathan while others are left behind the barrier, the boss may go through the barrier and be killed outside anywhere in the instance. After going through the barrier it may attack empty vehicles and players entering the instance while not in combat. Be advised though, that this is considered an exploit and a bannable offense.

This may have been repaired through an undocumented fix as the Flame Leviathan will now reset several seconds after being pulled through the barrier that prevents players from leaving/entering the battle zone. The fix may have been to prevent this glitch and to provide a soft reset for this boss should a vehicle be accidentally left behind the barrier.


10 man Rewards

Leaving towers up for hard mode rewards progressively better loot.

The amount of Runed Orbs and Recipes obtained at various difficulty levels is uncertain. You can help collecting data. See the talk page

10-man Normal Loot Items
Inv bracer 25a.png
Ability druid typhoon.png
Inv sword 134.png
  • Firesoul
  • Item Level 219
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Binds when picked up
  • Sword
  • Main-Hand"Main-Hand" is not in the list (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, ...) of allowed values for the "Item slot" property.
  • Speed 1.60
  • 71 - 230 Damage
  • (94.1 damage per second)
  • +67 Stamina
    +46 Intellect
  • Durability 105 / 105
  • Requires level 80
  • Equip: Improves hit rating by 34.
    Equip: Improves haste rating by 26.
    Equip: Increases spell power by 487.
  • Icon-3D-48x48.png
  • Sell Price: 21g 85s 70c
Inv chest mail 06.png
Inv bracer 31a.png
Inv mace 94.png
Inv weapon hand 22.png
Inv helmet 87.png
Inv jewelry necklace 09.png
Spell frost fireresistancetotem.png

10-man Hard Loot Items
Inv pants plate 15.png
Inv gauntlets 24.png
Inv shoulder 73.png
Inv wand 29.png
Inv jewelry ring 63.png
Inv throwingknife 08.png

25 man Rewards

Leaving towers up for hard mode rewards progressively better loot. Flame Leviathan also has a standard Heroic Ulduar Boss chance of dropping a runed orb, a crafting recipe, and a Fragment of Val'anyr. It has been confirmed that you can have multiple recipes and runed orbs.

The amount of Runed Orbs and Recipes obtained at various difficulty levels is uncertain. You can help collecting data. See the talk page

25-man Normal Loot Items
Inv gauntlets 64.png
Inv belt 49.png
Inv jewelry necklace 29naxxramas.png
Inv gauntlets 51.png
Inv jewelry ring 49naxxramas.png
Inv helmet 98.png
Inv offhand ulduarraid d 02.png
  • Leviathan Fueling Manual
  • Item Level 226
    Disenchants into:
    [Abyss Crystal]: 1-2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Held in Off-hand"Held in Off-hand" is not in the list (Back, Chest, Feet, Finger, Hands, Head, Held in off-hand, Legs, Main Hand, Neck, ...) of allowed values for the "Item slot" property.
  • +49 Stamina
    +46 Intellect
    +42 Spirit
  • Requires level 80
  • Equip: Improves hit rating by 41.
    Equip: Increases spell power by 75.
  • Sell Price: 7g 56s 23c
Inv bracer 23b.png
Inv bracer 28.png
Inv throwingknife 08.png
Spell nature slowingtotem.png
Inv helmet 47.png
Inv jewelry ring 58.png
Inv jewelry ring 71.png
Inv sword 132.png

25-man Hard Loot Items
Inv boots cloth 19.png
Inv weapon hand 23.png
Inv jewelry necklace 31.png
Inv pants plate 25.png
Inv shoulder 84.png


Engineers with skill 415 or higher can salvage parts from Flame Leviathan. now with cata the need skill is 470

Items reported salvaged:

The amount and type of salvage obtained at various difficulty levels is uncertain. You can help collecting data. See the talk page

Related achievements

10-player mode 25-player mode Objective
Money achievement.png The Siege of Ulduar Money achievement.png The Siege of Ulduar Defeat the bosses of The Siege area of Ulduar
Money achievement.png Dwarfageddon Money achievement.png Dwarfageddon Destroy 100 Steelforged Defenders in 10 seconds on the Ulduar gauntlet
Money achievement.png Unbroken Money achievement.png Unbroken Defeat Flame Leviathan on the first try without anyone repairing their vehicle
Money achievement.png Three Car Garage Money achievement.png Three Car Garage Defeat Flame Leviathan while in each of the following vehicles
Money achievement.png Take Out Those Turrets Money achievement.png Take Out Those Turrets Destroy a Flame Leviathan Defense Turret
Money achievement.png Shutout Money achievement.png Shutout Defeat Flame Leviathan without causing a System Shutdown
10-player heroic mode 25-player heroic mode Description
Money achievement.png Orbital Bombardment Money achievement.png Orbital Bombardment Defeat Flame Leviathan with 1 Orbital Defense System active
Money achievement.png Orbital Devastation Money achievement.png Orbital Devastation Defeat Flame Leviathan with 2 Orbital Defense Systems active
Money achievement.png Nuked from Orbit Money achievement.png Nuked from Orbit Defeat Flame Leviathan with 3 Orbital Defense Systems active
Money achievement.png Orbit-uary Money achievement.png Orbit-uary Defeat Flame Leviathan with 4 Orbital Defense Systems active


High Explorer Dellorah says: I heard a story or two of a Lore Keeper in Uldaman that fit your description. Do you serve a similar purpose?
Lore Keeper of Norgannon says: I was constructed to serve as a repository for essential information regarding this complex. My primary functions include communicating the status of the frontal defense systems and assessing the status of the entity that this complex was built to imprison.
High Explorer Dellorah says: Frontal defense systems? Is there something I should let Brann know before he has anyone attempt to enter the complex?
Lore Keeper of Norgannon says: Access to the interior of the complex is currently restricted. Primary defensive emplacements are active. Secondary systems are currently non-active.
High Explorer Dellorah says: Can you detail the nature of these defense systems?
Lore Keeper of Norgannon says: Compromise of complex detected, security override enabled - query permitted.
Lore Keeper of Norgannon says: Primary defensive emplacements consist of iron constructs and Storm Beacons, which will generate additional constructs as necessary. Secondary systems consist of orbital defense emplacements.
High Explorer Dellorah says: Got it. At least we don't have to deal with those orbital emplacements.
High Explorer Dellorah says: Rhydian, make sure you let Brann and Archmage Pentarus know about those defenses immediately.
High Explorer Dellorah says: And you mentioned an imprisoned entity? What is the nature of this entity and what is its status?
Archmage Rhydian nods.
Lore Keeper of Norgannon says: Entity designate: Yogg-Saron. Security has been compromised. Prison operational status unknown. Unable to contact Watchers for notification purposes.
High Explorer Dellorah says: Yogg-Saron is here? It sounds like we really will have our hands full then.
Enabling the machines by talking to Brann
Brann Bronzebeard yells: Pentarus, you heard the man. Have your mages release the shield and let these brave souls through!
Archmage Pentarus yells: Of course, Brann: We will have the shield down momentarily.
Bronzebeard Radio says: Okay! Let's move out. Get into your machines; I'll speak to you from here via the radio.
Archmage Pentarus yells: Mages of the Kirin Tor, on Brann's Command, release the shield! Defend this platform and our allies with your lives! For Dalaran!
Brann Bronzebeard yells: Our allies are ready. Bring down the shield and make way!
First mob pulled
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: The iron dwarves have been seen emerging from the bunkers at the base of the pillars straight ahead of you. Destroy the bunkers and they will be forced to fall back.
Bronzebeard Radio says: Watch out! Our air scouts report that the generators for the missile silos are coming online!
First mob killed
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: There are four generators powering the defense structures. If you sabotage the generators, the missile attacks will stop!
Near the Tower of Life
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: You're approaching the tower of Freya. It contains the power to turn barren wastelands into jungles teeming with life overnight.
Near the Tower of Flames
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: This generator powers Mimiron's Gaze. In moments, it can turn earth to ash, stone to magma--we cannot let it reach full power!
Near the Tower of Frost
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: This tower powers the hammer of Hodir. It is said to have the power to turn entire armies to ice!
Near the Tower of Storms
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: Aaaah, the tower of Krolmir. It is said that the power of Thorim has been used only once. And that it turned an entire continent to dust...
Near a RX-214 Repair-o-matic Station
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: It appears you are near a repair station. Drive your vehicle on to the platform and it should be automatically repaired.
Second last-Iron Colossus dead
  • Bronzebeard Radio says: You've done it! You've broken the defenses of Ulduar. In a few moments, we will be dropping in to...
Bronzebeard Radio says: What is that? Be careful! Something's headed your way!
Bronzebeard Radio says: Quicly! Evasive action! Evasive act--
  • Hostile entities detected. Threat assessment protocol active. Primary target engaged. Time minus thirty seconds to re-evaluation.
Killing a player
  • Threat assessment routine modified. Current target threat level: zero. Acquiring new target.
No Towers active
  • Alert! Static defense system failure. Orbital countermeasures disabled.
At least one Tower active
  • Orbital countermeasures enabled.
Bronzebeard Radio says: Watch out! Our air scouts report that the generators for the missile silos are coming online!
Storm Tower active
  • 'Thorim's Hammer' online. Acquiring target.
Flame Tower active
  • 'Mimiron's Inferno' online. Acquiring target.
Frost Tower active
  • 'Hodir's Fury' online. Acquiring target.
Nature Tower active
  • 'Freya's Ward' online. Acquiring target.
Changing Target
  • Threat re-evaluated. Target assessment complete. Changing course.
  • Pursuit objective modified. Changing course.
  • Hostile entity stratagem predicted. Rerouting battle function. Changing course.
Player on top of Flame Leviathan
  • Unauthorized entity attempting circuit overload. Activating anti-personnel countermeasures.
Overload Circuit activated
  • System malfunction. Diverting power to support systems.
  • Combat matrix overload. Powering do-o-o-own...
  • System restart required. Deactivating weapon systems.
  • Total systems failure. Defense protocols breached. Leviathan Unit shutting down.
Archmage Rhydian yells: Our friends fought well, Brann, but we're not done yet.
Brann Bronzebeard yells: Perhaps so, but it's only a matter of time until we break back into Ulduar. Any luck finding a way to teleport inside?
Archamge Rhydian yells: None at all. I suspect it has something to do with that giant mechanical construct that our scouts spotted in front of the gate.
Brann Bronzebeard yells: What about the plated proto-drake and the fire giant that were spotted nearby? Think your mages can handle those?
Archmage Rhydian yells: The Kirin Tor can't possibly spare any additional resources to take on anything that size. We may not have to though.
Archmage Rhydian yells: We can sneak past them. As long as we can take down that construct in front of the gate, we should be able to get inside.
Brann Bronzebeard yells: Sneak?! What do you think we are, marmots?
Archmage Rhydian yells: We're hunting an old god, Brann.
Brann Bronzebeard yells: Fine. If our allies are going to be the ones getting their hands dirty, we'll leave it to them to decide how to proceed.

Sound Files

See Sound Files of Ulduar: Flame Leviathan


Solo encounter

10-man encounter

10-man Hard mode encounter

25-man encounter

25-man Hard mode encounter

Patch changes

  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-08-10): "In the Flame Leviathan encounter, the Tower of Life buff will no longer remain active after the Tower of Life has been destroyed."
  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-06-15): "Pyrite will now disappear after 3 minutes instead of 1 minute."
  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-06-11): "The Flame Leviathan encounter has received the following changes: the bonus health Flame Leviathan receives per tower has been reduced, the ejection height from Flame Leviathan has been reduced, the snare effect of the Tower of Frost has been removed, and the cannons on Demolishers and Siege Enginers should now break Flash Frozen vehicles in 1 shot."
  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-06-05): "We've made some adjustments to the siege engine and demolisher in the Flame Leviathan encounter in order to make them more effective."
  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-06-05): "The Tower of Life's adds have had their health reduced."
  • World of Warcraft Hotfix (2009-04-15): "Each difficulty level of Flame Leviathon's hard modes have had the boss’s health increased."


  1. ^ Blizz.gif Daelo 2009-04-14. Current Ulduar Issues. Retrieved on 2009-05-24. “Flame Leviathan can indeed randomly target Demolishers now, this was added during PTR and is intended.

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