Foe Reaper 5000 is an elite harvest golem and the third boss of Deadmines.

Tactics summary

  • Heroic: One DPS needs to control the Prototype Reaver and leave it at the bottom of the ramp, to intercept all the adds that spawn from the forge. Use abilities 1, 1, 2, (repeat) on each add that shows up. With some practice, none of them will ever get by.

Tank Foe Reaper at the top of the ramp, with the tank's back to the outer wall (so that neither tank nor melee DPS need to run through him to get away), and ranged DPS/healer on the upper level. When Foe Reaper casts Overdrive, everyone run away along the upper level, staying out of range until he stops, then the tank should bring him back to the top of the ramp.

When he does Harvest, everyone except his Harvest target should run away along the upper level. The Harvest target should move away somewhat, if they are too close (e.g. tank or melee DPS). The target location for Harvest is not locked until he finishes casting Harvest. Once that location is locked, the Harvest target should move away so that they are not near the Harvest location. Foe Reaper will run directly to the target location, slicing along the way; when he arrives, he executes a short-range, very powerful AE. After Harvest concludes, the tank should bring him back to the top of the ramp as before.

Objective of


  • [Reaper Strike] Melee range—Deals Physical damage in a cone in front of the Foe Reaver. Instant
  • [Overdrive]—The Foe Reaper activates its overdrive engines. Deals Physical damage to all nearby enemies. 3.0 sec cast. Lasts for ten seconds. Triggers...
    • [Overdrive]—The Foe Reaper activates its overdrive engines. Deals Physical damage to all nearby enemies. Instant
  • [Harvest]—The Foe Reaper powers up its harvesting servos and moves towards the harvesting target, dealing heavy damage to anything in its path. 5 sec cast. When the cast is complete, the Reaper will run to the targeted player's location at that instant, triggering the following ability:
    • [Harvest]—Powerul harvesting servos deal Physical damage to anything in the Foe Reaper's path. Instant. Cast while running. When it reaches its target location...
      • [Harvest Sweep]—The Foe Reaper attempts to harvest its target with a flourish, dealing Physical damage to all nearby enemies. Instant
  • [Safety Restrictions Off-line]—Safety restrictions removed. Physical damage dealt is increased by 100%. Instant. Cast at 30% health, lasts for the remainder of the battle.


Foe Reaper 5000 will occasionally cast Overdrive. This works a bit like Lord Marrowgar's Bone Storm: It runs to a random position while dealing AoE damage. It will also cast Harvest, which works somewhat similarly to Ick's Pursuit. It will target a random unit (who may or not be the tank), wind up a five-second cast, and start running to that player's location when the cast is complete. The Foe Reaper will do some damage to units between its location and the marked spot on the ground. Any players at the marked location when the Foe Reaper gets there will take large amounts of damage, so run away! At roughly 30% health, the Foe Reaper will enrage, gaining Safety Restrictions Off-Line, which increases its damage dealt by 100%


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Inv sword 24.png
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How_To_Foe_Reaper_5000_-_Deadmines_Heroic Heroic_Deadmines_-_Foe_Reaper_5000

How to control the prototype harvester:

Related achievements

  • [Prototype Prodigy]


  • Foe Reaper 5000 on-line. All systems nominal.
  • Foe Reaper 5000 begins to activate Overdrive!
  • Overdrive engine activated.
  • Acquiring target...
  • Target acquired. Harvesting servos engaged.
Safety Restrictions Off-Line
  • Safety restrictions off-line. Catastrophic system failure imminent.
  • Overheat threshold exceeded. System failure. Wheat clog in port two. Shutting down.

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