For the Children is related to the seasonal world event Children's Week. If you complete this achievement you will be rewarded with the title <Matron> or <Patron> depending on your character's gender. This achievement is also a criterion of the meta-achievement Money achievement.png What A Long, Strange Trip It's Been.

Inv misc toy 04.png Neutral 15.png For The Children 10 Achievement points
Complete the Children's Week achievements listed below.
Reward: Title <Matron> or <Patron>.


If your character's gender changes while showing the <Matron> or <Patron> title, your title will also change. This frequently happens to characters traveling around Icecrown or using morphs such as an Inv drink 01.png [Iron Boot Flask].

The gender (and title) change also specifically happens to male characters entering Brunnhildar Village

[48.2, 69.2]

, where the Hyldnir are all female, and to female characters entering Netherwing Ledge

[70, 85]

where the Dragonmaw fel orcs are all male. On leaving these areas, your character's gender (and therefore, <Matron> or <Patron> title) will both revert to normal.

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