Inv bannerpvp 01.png Horde For The Horde! 20 Achievement points
Slay the leaders of the Alliance.

Money achievement.png Storming Stormwind
Money achievement.png Immortal No More

Money achievement.png Death to the King!
Money achievement.png Putting Out the Light

Reward: [Reins of the Black War Bear]

For The Horde! is a Player vs. Player meta-achievement that involves completing four other PvP achievements:

After completing this achievement, the player will receive a Black War Bear in their mailbox.

Boss Guide

The Alliance city bosses are remarkably easy tank and spank fights, requiring very little skill on behalf of the players. As soon as the tank has picked up aggro, the healers begin healing the tank and the DPS start blasting away. The main difficulty of the boss fights come from high-level Alliance players, who may or may not interfere during the fights. Consider attacking the faction leaders during times when a large amount of players are either asleep or at work.

The Letter From Thrall

The bear is attached to a letter from Warchief Thrall, entitled "For The Horde!":

In this time of great turmoil, true heroes rise from the misery. You are one such great hero.

War is upon us. Your efforts will further our cause on Azeroth. Your great feats shall go rewarded. Take this prize of Orgrimmar and ride to glory.

For the Horde!

Warchief Thrall

Things You Should Know

This Achievement represent your loyalty to the Horde. Also, it's one awesome Achievement.

Late Game Experience

This Achievement is sometimes rushed by max or very high level players, wishing to show their "Epicness". This is pretty hard, mostly because of 3 reasons:

1. This Achievement requires you to get to the 4 Capital Cities, Which are very far away from each other (especially The Exodar, which requires ship from Stormwind to Darnassus and then ship from Darnassus to Azuremist Isle).

2. City Guards are hard. Very Hard. Most of them are level 110, Elite and PvP, which is not pretty. If you can, try to avoid as many of the guards you can until you get to the city Leader.

3. PvP. Players hang out in cities. most of them are level 80-100. Just watch out.

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