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Forgemaster Throngus is the second boss that can be found in Grim Batol.

Tactics summary

  • Normal: Avoid Cave In spots. Personal Phalanx (shield): Melee from behind, including tank. Dual Blades (swords): Use cheap, fast (ideally instant-cast) abilities/spells to dispel Disorienting Roar. Encumbered (mace): Tank should kite him in a circle, staying out of melee range.
  • Heroic: Shield: Stay away from his front to avoid cone of flame. Swords: Dispel Burning Flames debuff from tank if possible, else heal through. Mace: Avoid fire patches he leaves behind him.


  • [Disorienting Roar]—The Disorienting Shout decrease cast and attack speed by 50% per charge, depleting a charge every time an ability is cast. Starts with 3 charges. 150% increase in cast time, -50% per spell cast, it is suggested to use instant casts to remove this buff quickly. For Priest & Druid heals spam dot heals then get back to it. For Shamans - use any haste cooldowns and use your fast cast to remove debuff as casting interupts/totems may not count towards dispelling spell. For Paladins line up your spells Holy Shock-Word of Glory-Flash of Light to remove debuff Spell Unavoidable
  • [Mighty Stomp]—The Mighty Stomp creates a Cave In. .786 Sec Cast
  • [Impaling Slam]—Charges an enemy impaling it and inflicting 8000 Physical damage every 1 sec for 5 sec..
  • [Pick Weapon]—The forgemaster ponders which he wants to use to bludgeon his enemies 1.85 sec cast
    • If he picks Mace...
      • [Encumbered]—The extremely heavy weight of mace slows move speed by 70% but increase his damage by 300%.
    • If he picks Shield...
      • [Personal Phalanx]—Decrease damage taken the front by 99% and spawns a firewall from the shield doing large sustained damage, move out as fast as possible
        • [Personal Phalanx]—The Flaming Arrow inflicts 10000 Fire damage and an additional 1000 Fire damages every 2 sec for 6 sec. Cast by untargetable Twilight Archers
    • If he picks Swords...
      • [Dual Blades]—The Forgemaster begins to wield two weapon, increases his change to hit and sometimes causing him to swing twice and debuffs the tank with a stacking dot
        • [Thrash]—Gives the caster 2 extra attacks.


Everyone needs to avoid standing in Cave in.

  • Equipping Swords:
    • Tank and Healer should use cooldowns as tank takes heavy damage on this phase.
    • Healer should focus on tank DPS should not be getting hit.
  • Equipping Mace:
    • Tank needs to run away or he will pancake you, he spawns a continuous lava void zone behind him when he walks.
    • Melee DPS needs to carefully not to pull aggro, as that will likely lead to death.
    • Members will be randomly impaled by boss, and need extra heals.
  • Equipping Shield:
    • Healer needs to AOE heal, due to the Flaming Arrows and Shield Wall of Flame. It is suggested that the group remains stacked together during this fight so they can move all together. Standing directly behind the boss allows you to walk straight through him for the quickest path to avoid the change in direction of the flame wall


  • NO! Throngus get whipped again if he no finish!
Equipping Mace
  • Oh, this is gonna HURT!
Equipping Shield
  • You not get through defenses!
Equipping Swords
  • Throngus SLICE you up!
Killing a player
  • You break easy!
  • Throngus use your corpse on body. Somewhere...
  • Death... Good choice. Not best choice maybe, but better than fail and live.


Normal Mode
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Patch changes

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm Patch 4.0.3 (15-Nov-2010): Added.

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