The Forgotten Shore

The Forgotten Shore in Warcraft III.

The Forgotten Shore was the main encampment of Arthas Menethil's forces when he set out to Northrend to destroy Mal'ganis. After finding Muradin Bronzebeard and his men and establishing a smaller base camp, Arthas went to rescue the rest of Muradin's men from the undead (Possibly at what is now Westguard Keep). A nearby second undead base was razed by Arthas' men, and they were ordered to build a new base on top of it. Later, a messenger from Lordaeron came and told them that they were to "pack up and leave". The Captain replied, "To hell with the Undead! We'll cut our way through the forest, men!" Arthas later returned, seeing that they were ordered to come back to Lordaeron. The prince, however, was determined to stay in Northrend until Mal'ganis was destroyed. He, Muradin, and two mortar teams recruited a number of mercenaries and destroyed the ships. Arthas then blamed the mercenaries, saying that they had burnt the ships (though it was technically true). The prince's forces later moved up to Drak'Tharon Keep.

A flashback can be seen in Wrath of the Lich King in the quest A [72] The Truth Shall Set Us Free.

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