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Forthisal D'Neve is a unique experiment for the Stormwind Assassins. While the various guilds in the city work well together, Mathias does not fully trust the Church of the Holy Light, knowing they do not fully trust the Assassins. He placed Forthisal D'Neve, a Third Finger rogue, on an extended espionage mission.

She's studying with the Knights of the Silver Hand to become a paladin. She was born to wizards who died at Dalaran while she fled south with the refugees. Seeing the futility of magic, she left the Wizards and made her living on the streets, where she was recruited by the Assassins.

She has the skill to be at least a Second, maybe First Finger, but she remains a Third so that she can continue gathering information about the Knights and the Church.

She has black hair and green eyes.[1]

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