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Having exchanged a few e-mails with Blizzard support due to getting hacked. I'm wondering what people thought about Blizzard support, if they've had any recent experience.

Although not horrible, I've found the e-mail support to be not so good. It appears to be mostly generic form letters that appear to be shotgunned in hopes they will help, but seem short on specific instructions besides visiting the support web site and in-game tickets. The general support experience seems to be designed to make it hard for you to find a phone number to call unless it is a billing issue (aka if it affects the monay, they care, but otherwise not as much).

In-game support seems to be very spotty in that lately high ticket volumes seems to be the norm and you can wait for hours before a response. I've tried to get in-game support in the past and it was not good but better than recently. The last 3 times I've filed a ticket I never got a response before I had to log off. I'm not going to sit around for 2 hours or more to get an in-game contact.

I've found phone support to be very good, but the wait times can be upwards of 30 min which isn't very good for wait times.

Have you guys had similar experiences? --Gengar orange 22x22.pngBeware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 10:54 PM PST 26 Oct 2009

Meh don't feel bad, sounds normal for most big companies, they have alot of templates and standard response which they spam to customers until they go away lol. If you stick with it though and jump up and down they may go out of their way to do something for you... Another note, are we allowed to bag Blizz like this on a fan site? lol not that i'm bagging them, i'm generalizing all large companies from my own experiences, i've only used their email support once, that was when i couldn't download all the patches when i first installed WoW over 2 years ago, still haven't got a response even though I worked it out myself... Meh like i said, don't take it personally, or think its the company, its standard business practise. Max Krist (talk) 07:25, October 27, 2009 (UTC)
I guess I should ask specifically about WoW or other Warcraft game related support experiences to keep on topic, but if Blizzard can't take legitimate criticisms, then they kind of suck as a company. --Gengar orange 22x22.pngBeware the sneaky smile! Fandyllic (talk · contr) 5:07 PM PST 27 Oct 2009
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