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With the release of Cataclysm there's a lot of work to be done. If you are interested in contributing to the wiki, here's a general list of things to do to get started:

General List

  • 1. Updating Dungeon level requirements (Outland, Northrend, and Cataclysm)
  • 2. Updating Zone levels (main page and zone pages finished; double check other articles that include zone+level tables, like adjacent regions sections)
  • 3. Checking/correcting Flight Paths (direct flights)
  • 4. Checking/correcting Boat and Zeppelin routes (largely finished, double check linked towns are accurate)
  • 5. Updating Class Abilities
  • 6. Updating Class Talents
  • 7. Updating Profession Recipes
  • 8. Updating town NPCs and zone NPCs
  • 9. Updating town information
  • 10. Updating Zone information with regard to gathering nodes
  • 11. Non-combat Pets update
  • 12. Mounts/Trainers/Locations
  • 13. Updating city NPCs
  • 14. Updating all quests for each zone
  • 15. Updating Reputation pages
  • 16. Hunter Pets
  • 17. Updating mob locations/status/stats
  • 18. Updating all Dungeon quests
  • 19. Updating Dungeon layouts
  • 20. Updating Achievements

Other Areas

There are also Image Requests that need to be fulfilled:

Broken links that need fixing or pages that need creating:

And other "Things to do":


If you have any questions about contributing:

How to Make Pages

For information on how to construct or update certain types of pages, please read and review the page about boilerplates. Most types of pages will have an explanation on here, including, but not limited to: items, achievements, abilities, NPCs, etc.

You can manually use the boilerplates, but if you just want to make a new page, click create a page, and click one of the preload links there (Ability, Item, Mob, NPC, Quest, etc.).

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