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Foundries are large seaside forges. In World of Warcraft none exist by the sea, but there is the Goblin Foundry as well as the Mold Foundry.

Alliance Foundry


The introduction of Foundries makes the construction of the mighty vessels known as Transports and Battleships possible. Obsessed with creating the strongest force in the Alliance, these skilled artisans need only ample resources to design better armor and weaponry for the fleet. Located on the coast to easier supplement Alliance shipyards, they are an integral part of warship maintenance. Constantly filled with heavy clouds of soot and ash, the intense heat that radiates from the huge smelting pools cause some to jest that they may be in an Orcish building instead of a Human one.[1] (W2Man 52)

Horde Foundry


Known by the trio of towering smokestacks that surround this structure, the Foundry is instrumental in creating the massive armor plates and lethal cannons that are found on the greatest of the Orcs warships - the Juggernaught. Abysmally dark and sweltering with unnatural heat, Foundries are filled with an acrid layer of smoke and soot - making most Orcs feel right at home when visiting one. Heat emanates from all openings as Foundry workers pour molten slag into casts for new cannons, while pounding resounds for miles along the coast as they shape ore into new armor.[1] (W2Man 79)

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