Franclorn F. Forgewright was a level 60 quest giver ghost located at Forgewright's Tomb in the contested territory of Blackrock Mountain. He can only be seen while in ghost form. Kill yourself in a suitable manner (don't jump into lava, it might be difficult to retrieve your corpse), and visit his tomb. He is standing on top of the tomb itself.


Franclorn Forgewright was the chief architect and designer for the Dark Iron Dwarves and inventor of the "Stonewrought" method, the name "Stonewrought" refers to his works[1] (LoC 78). He was responsible for the construction of Shadowforge City, Stonewrought Dam, and Stonewrought Pass. Franclorn was likely not evil; rather, he chose to side with his clan (the Dark Irons) out of honor and loyalty.[1] (LoC 78) The twin hammers Ironfel and Ironfoe are his creations. After his death, Fineous Darkvire became the new chief architect.

Franclorn is probably unrelated to Dalin Forgewright.


He started the following quests (now removed):

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His name was likely inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, a famous architect.

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Preceded by:
Chief Architect of the Dark Iron clan
Succeeded by:
Fineous Darkvire
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