Friend reputation is a special kind of reputation introduced with World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria Mists of Pandaria that only applies to specific friend faction NPCs and uses a different set of levels. The progress toward each level is shown in a friendship bar at the top of the gossip window for each NPC.

Levels of friend reputation

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Friend bar-Gina Mudclaw.png
  • Stranger - level range: 0-8400
  • Acquaintance - level range: 8400-16800
  • Buddy - level range: 16800-25200
  • Friend - level range: 25200-33600
  • Good Friend - level range: 33600-42000
  • Best Friend - level range: 42000-42999

Conjurer Margoss

Margoss was a student of the Kirin Tor, but prefers fishing to "ease his stressful life".   He is on a floating island next to Dalaran.  Fishing there awards a few appearance mods to your fishing bobber such as "Crate of Bobbers: Can of Worms" (found in your toy box) and others.  You can also earn other prizes, including an underwater mount, by gaining rep with "Drowned Mana" and purchasing items with "Drowned Mana".

Reach Conjurer Margoss' "Margoss Retreat" by going through a hole in the Dalaran wall through the path that runs to the northeast of The Violet Citadel.

Nat Pagle

Catching the "fish" that start quests of the same name and turning them in is the only way to increase your friend reputation with Nat:

  • N [85 DailyFlying Tiger Gourami
  • N [85 DailyMimic Octopus
  • N [85 DailySpinefish Alpha

Tillers NPCs

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Gifts that raise friend reputation

Found in [Dark Soil]:

Quests that raise friend reputation

These should all be available every day:

  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Chee Chee - requires 5x [Valley Stir Fry]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Ella - requires 5x [Shrimp Dumplings]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Farmer Fung - requires 5x [Wildfowl Roast]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Fish - requires 5x [Twin Fish Platter]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Gina - requires 5x [Swirling Mist Soup]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Haohan - requires 5x [Charbroiled Tiger Steak]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Jogu - requires 5x [Sauteed Carrots]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Old Hillpaw - requires 5x [Braised Turtle]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Sho - requires 5x [Eternal Blossom Fish]
  • N [90 DailyA Dish for Tina - requires 5x [Fire Spirit Salmon]

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