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Frost Mantle of the Dawn is a special enchantment for shoulder armor that adds frost resistance.


Frost Mantle of the Dawn is a quest reward from the quest Mantles of the Dawn which starts with Quartermaster Lightspark in Chillwind Camp in Western Plaguelands (for Alliance), Quartermaster Hasana in the Bulwark in Western Plaguelands (for Horde), and Quartermaster Breechlock in Light's Hope Chapel in Eastern Plaguelands (for either). To complete the quest, you must turn the following items to any of those NPCs:

You must also have Revered reputation with the Argent Dawn.

Frost Mantle of the Dawn is sold by the above NPCs when you complete the quest.


  • This cannot be attached to armor through the trade window.
  • If this is attached to bind on equip armor, it will make the item soulbound to the player.

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