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The Frostmane tribe are a tribe of ice trolls that inhabit Dun Morogh and constantly fight a guerrilla war against the dwarves. In recent times, they have welcomed the trogg invasion of the dwarven lands, and are content to let the two sides fight it out whilst they sit and wait for an opportunistic moment to take back their lands. They can be found in Frostmane Hold, on Shimmer Ridge, and south of Anvilmar in a cave and a surrounding camp in Dun Morogh.


Frostmane troll on a winter wolf

The Frostmane tribe was once part of the nation of Zul'Drak. After the Sundering, the Drakkari tribe continued to live in what had become the bitterly cold continent of Northrend. The Frostmane and Winterax tribes, however, later settled in the Eastern Kingdoms. Due to the ice trolls' unrelenting hostility toward outsiders, historians have yet to learn how these two tribes were separated from the Drakkari and came to live so far from the ancient site of Zul'Drak.

The Frostmane trolls once ruled over the frigid lands of Dun Morogh, only to have their empire fall to dwarven armies. The ice trolls were driven to the hills in retreat, a shameful blow to their warlike nature. Now the dwarven forces are dispersed in exploration and focused on quelling the trogg invastion, the Frostmane trolls have seen the opportunity to reclaim Dun Morogh and restore their long-lost kingdom.[1] [2] (MoM 101)

To this day, the Frostmane Trolls have scattered throughout Dun Morogh, even setting up camps in Coldridge Valley. However since the destruction of Frostmane Hold their main settlement appears to be Frostmane Retreat.

The Frostmane trolls have been launching increasingly frequent and aggressive attacks against the dwarves living in Dun Morogh. The dwarves currently consider the Frostmane tribe little more than a nuisance, and have not made a concerted effort to vanquish them.

The Senate of Ironforge has taken small note of the annoyance, and have sent Grelin Whitebeard and his brother Senir Whitebeard to take care of the problem.


They have white/blueish skin with white/blue/green/teal hair.

They are 8 ft tall.[2] (MoM 101)

Notable Frostmane trolls

  • Grik'nir the Cold is the leader of the tribe that has settled in Coldridge Valley, Dun Morogh. Together he and his tribe have been pushing north and conducting skirmishes on outlying camps and outposts.
  • Vejrek



As of patch 3.0.2 the Frostmane trolls share the same model as the Drakkari Trolls.

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