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Fruit is a type of food in WoW

Fruit are sweet and fleshy seedpods, and are one of the six main types of food in WoW.


(These are the same uses as other types of food.)


Types of buyable fruit

Name Level Requirement HP Healed Price1
Inv misc food 19.png [Shiny Red Apple] 61 health over 18 seconds 25c
Inv misc food 24.png [Tel'Abim Banana] 5 243 health over 21 seconds 1s 25c
Inv misc food 22.png [Snapvine Watermelon] 15 552 health over 24 seconds 5s
Inv misc food 20.png [Goldenbark Apple] 25 874 health over 27 seconds 10s
Inv misc food 42.png [Heaven Peach] 35 1392 health over 30 seconds 20s
Inv misc food 25.png [Moon Harvest Pumpkin] 35 1392 health over 30 seconds 20s
Inv misc food 23.png [Deep Fried Plantains] 45 2148 health over 30 seconds 40s
Inv misc food 93 skethylberries .png [Skethyl Berries] 55 4320 health over 30 seconds 56s
Inv misc food 57.png [Telaari Grapes] 65 7500 health over 30 seconds 80s
Inv misc food 104 tundraberries.png [Tundra Berries] 65 13200 health over 30 seconds 85s
Inv misc food 105 snowplum.png [Savory Snowplum] 75 15000 health over 30 seconds 1g 60s

1 This is the base price before any discounts.

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