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Gahz'rilla is a level 46 elite hydra boss summoned in Zul'Farrak.


Long ago, when trolls used to occupy the land of Tanaris, they built up Zul'Farrak, the sand troll city in Tanaris, with a sacred pool. From that pool the trolls summoned the huge hydra Gahz'rilla, so fierce that even her scales crackle with energy. The trolls worshipped her as a deity, but the summoning of Gahz'rilla is a well-kept secret of the trolls. Gahz'rilla is said to be a demigod.[1][2]

Large amounts of ornaments have been modeled after the beast Gahz'rilla. These ornaments are called "Gahz'ridian", after the hydra demigod.

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The subject of this article or section was part of the Elemental Unrest, a world event that heralded the beginning of the earth-shattering Cataclysm. Once the world event has run its course, this will no longer be available.

She become the waterlord of elementals attacking Thunder Bluff and Stormwind City then known as Kai'ju Gahz'rilla. She is always at the same place in the Zul'Farrak. The Horde's and Alliance's players can fight him after they secure the capital during 30 minutes. It seems to be linked to Water Elemental according to this event.


Prior to patch 3.0.8, Gahz'rilla had to be summoned. The process of summoning Gahz'rilla is written on Ancient Tablets that drop as vendor trash in the instance.

The process involves travelling to The Hinterlands to acquire The Sacred Mallet carried by Combat Qiaga the Keeper who resides at the Altar of Zul. To transform the Sacred Mallet into the [Mallet of Zul'Farrak], one must bring it to the Altar of Jintha'Alor at its very top.

With the Mallet of Zul'Farrak, Gahz'rilla's gong can then be rung. However, it is wise to clear the area first, as Gahz'rilla can knock back players.

As of patch 3.0.8, Gahz'rilla no longer needs to be summoned. She is simply present at the location she used to appear upon being summoned. The Mallet of Zul'farrak has since been turned into a rare weapon with fairly decent stats and rare skin.




All mobs around the pool should be cleared first, as Gahz'rilla will occasionally launch players through the air which may cause them to land in a group of mobs. Gahz'rilla does not automatically aggro to the players when summoned, and knockback damage can be avoided by landing in the pool of water where he is summoned.


If the name is closely examined it sounds like "Godzilla". It also bears a close resemblance to Godzilla's opponent Ghidorah.


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