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Not to be confused with Grakkarond.

Minimap view showing Galakrond's Rest in relation to Wyrmrest Temple

Galakrond fighting the future dragon aspects.

Galakrond, a massive proto-dragon,[1] was the "progenitor of dragonkind". From him, the Titans created the Aspects. His size alone was greater than all of the Aspects combined.[2] He was said to be extremely evil and attempted to destroy the other proto-drakes, forcing the many Dragonflights (lead by the red, blue, green, black, and bronze flights) to unite to defeat him. The leaders of each color of proto-drake became the Dragon Aspects.[3]

Grand Necrolord Antiok is in charge of the failing effort of the Scourge to raise Galakrond as a frost wyrm.[4]

Warlord Zaela controls the spawn of Galakrond, Galakras.

In Warcraft: Dawn of the Aspects

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It is said Galakrond gained his immense size through the constant consumption of prey. Unfortunately, his insatiable appetite, and dwindling prey animal populations, lead to Galakrond hunting down and eating his fellow Proto-Dragons. The cannibalization of his own species corrupted Galakrond's very essence, distorting his body and increasing his already vast size. So insidious was the corruption, that those Proto-Dragons he consumed eventually rose as Undead Horrors that hunted and terrorized the surviving Proto-Dragon population.

All Proto-Dragonkind bound together against Galakrond and were nearly wiped out for their efforts as the tainted leviathan proved too powerful. It was at this time the Keepers, servants of the Titans, chose to aid the more cognitively evolved of the Proto-Dragon species: Malygos, Neltharion, Alexstrasza, Ysera, and Nozdormu, against Galakrond in hopes of preserving Azeroth's future. The five future Aspects, utilizing their superior intelligence and combined cunning, were successful in destroying Galakrond and saving all of Azeroth.

Recognizing their willingness to sacrifice themselves to protect their world, the Keepers offered the five Proto-Dragons the opportunity to become greater, to devote their very existences to the continued protection of Azeroth. All five accepted their new roles as Dragon Aspects, and thus the Five Dragonflights were born.[5]


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