Gallows' End Tavern

Gallows' End Tavern

[62, 53]

features trainers for warriors, priests, mages, rogues, warlocks, enchanters, and first aid. It also has an innkeeper and a few other vendors. This tavern is notable because it is the only fully functional tavern known to be run by the Forsaken.

A captured Scarlet Zealot and Dwarven Mountaineer are held in the cellars.

As of patch 2.3, the music has been changed. The original music, "Undead Dance", can be played by running the following macro in World of Warcraft: /script PlaySoundFile("Sound\\Music\\ZoneMusic\\TavernHorde\\undead_dance.mp3")

The new music is titled "Gallows' End" and is featured in the Taverns of Azeroth album.