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The dreaded gargoyles of Northrend are voracious flying creatures who revel in slaughter and mayhem. Brought from the frozen north by the armies of the Lich King, these strange, wiry flyers have rough, crystalline hides which protect them from all manner of attacks. In times of great peril, gargoyles can land and condense their hides into a stone-like surface. Though they are unable to attack in this state, they can take time to regenerate their wounds and replenish their energies.[1] (W3Man 103)

Gargoyles were brought to Lordaeron by Arthas for the siege of Silvermoon. Now, gargoyles live in the Eastern Plaguelands.

Gargoyles are not particularly intelligent and are not interested in strategies or tactics. These vicious creatures only enjoy chaos and slaughter and revel in sprays of blood and torn flesh.

Gargoyles sleep in their Stoneform.[2]


Many kinds of gargoyles can be found around Azeroth, some of the more common types include the subspecies of gargoyle described above, as well as;

A gargoyle in the service of the Twilight's Hammer.


Gargoyle (proto-golem)

Appendix Three of Manual of Monsters describes a diferent type of gargoyle which is described as formed of stone and earth and a proto-golem, however, the validity of the source is disputed. Although, it does say that they are part of the Scourge and gargoyles are known to use their Stoneform in Warcraft III and WoW.


  • Gargoyles are not undead creatures in the Warcraft RPG.
  • Interestingly, previously it was said that Icecrown citadel was their home, however with the patch 3.3 there is no new lore surrounding them.
  • In contemporary fiction, Gargoyles are typically depicted as a (generally) winged humanoid race with demonic features: generally horns, a tail, and talons. The term technically refers to any stone carving used as a waterspout, and not a specific creature at all.


  • The gargoyles' ability to heal in stoneform is quite similar those from Disney's Gargoyles series. The only difference is the latter aren't able to chose when to be in stoneform as they can only turn to stone in the day.


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