Gazelles are small, hooved level 3 critters native to the Barrens. They often travel in herds. They are mostly found in the Barrens, Desolace, Mulgore, Vale of Eternal Blossomsand Uldum. Like deers, they are fearfull and escape when danger come.

Gazelles are no longer skinnable as of Patch 3.2.0.

Some Sickly Gazelles have become poisoned by the corrupted waters of Dreadmist Peak and require the aid of a healing salve to restore them to normal.

To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before

Those seeking to complete Money achievement.png To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before may have more luck finding a herd in the southern part of The Barrens (in the broad vicinity of Camp Taurajo) or to the north and west of The Forgotten Pools in the northern end of The Barrens - however gazelle can be found running anywhere in the zone. Herds of Gazelle move fairly quickly.

Note that Sickly Gazelles do not count towards the To All The Squirrels I've Loved Before achievement.


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