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A gem is generally an item that can be placed into a socket of another item to give that item additional bonuses, powers and/or procs. Jewelcrafters can turn raw gems into socket gems or various jewelry items like rings and necklaces. The term "gem" can be used for raw or cut stones, but is generally only used to describe cut gems. A gem cannot be removed once it is placed into a socket, however it can be overwritten by another, destroying it in the process.

There are four socket types: red, yellow, blue and meta. Any gem can be placed into any socket, however a small socket bonus will be gained if the gems match the sockets' colors. The only exception to this rule is the very powerful meta gem, which can only be placed into a meta socket and you must complete the meta gem requirements in order to activate it, while you don't need it to be activated in order to socket it into an item. Additionally no gem except a meta gem can be placed in a meta socket. So far, only high-end helms have meta sockets.


The gem's color indicates what type(s) of bonus that gem yields. Here is a brief summary of the stat bonus and the common single-color cut associated with each color:

UI-EmptySocket-Red.png Red UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Yellow UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png Blue
Strength Bold Intellect Brilliant Spell Penetration Stormy
Attack Power Bright Critical Strike Rating Smooth Stamina Solid
Agility Delicate Hit Rating Rigid Mana every 5 seconds Lustrous
Armor Penetration Rating Fractured Haste Rating Quick Spirit Sparkling
Expertise Rating Precise Resilience Rating Mystic
Spell Power Runed Defense Rating Thick
Dodge Rating Subtle
Parry Rating Flashing

Mixed-color gems (green, orange and purple) yield the bonuses of both primary colors associated with that gem. (For example, an orange gem will have a mix of red and yellow bonuses).

Orange Green Purple
Red Socket</imagelink> Red Blue Socket</imagelink> Blue Red Socket</imagelink> Red
Yellow Socket</imagelink> Yellow Yellow Socket</imagelink> Yellow Blue Socket</imagelink> Blue

Outland Gems

These pages concern the gems specific to the World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Burning Crusade era.

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Northrend Gems

These pages concern the gems new to World of Warcraft: Wrath of the Lich King Wrath of the Lich King.


  • Multi-colored gems will match either of their colors when socketed. For example, an orange gem can be used to activate an item bonus with a red or yellow socket.
  • Multi-colored gems will count toward both of their colors when activating a meta gem. For example, a meta gem that requires 5 red and 5 yellow gems can be activated with 5 orange gems.
  • You can replace a gem already socketed in an item with another one, destroying only the gems you are replacing.
  • A gem does not have to match its socket color to count toward a meta gem's bonus.
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