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General Bjarngrim is an Iron vrykul warrior and the first boss in the Halls of Lightning. He commands the Iron vrykul of the Unyielding Garrison at the entrance to the Halls. He can be skipped if you take a different route.


Temporary Electrical Charge Increases damage by 30% (avoided by pulling him at the right moment).

Melee's a well geared tank for ~2k

Defensive Stance: decreases all damage taken by 25%

  • Spell Reflect - reflects next magic attack back at caster
  • Intercept - charges an enemy and stuns them for three seconds, dealing small damage
  • Pummel - does small damage and interrupts spell casting for 5 seconds.

Berserker Stance: increases all damage done by 25%

  • Mortal Strike - ~6-9k
  • Whirlwind - ~2k repeatedly.

Battle Stance: increases attack speed by 25%

  • Melee - ~2.5k
  • Cleave - ~2k


This boss is found patrolling the platforms in the first room. You can spot him by the lightning buff on him and the two iron dwarfs that accompany him. The lightning buff increases damage by a significant margin so you'll want to pull him on one of the rear platforms.

He patrols on the back half of the square. To get to him you need to clear the trash packs from at least three of the platforms. The shortest route is to clear the first platform, then the one immediately to your right, and then the back right platform. Wait for him to patrol back to that platform and fight him there. Time your attacks and only attack when his temporary electrical charge is down. This happens when he gets to the circles. It is generally easier, and faster, to kill him while the buff is on. This only increases his damage by a small margin on a well-geared tank, and is required for the achievment Money achievement.png Lightning Struck.

Bjarngrim is set up much like a warrior. About every 20 seconds during the fight he will change stances:

  • In defensive stance he hits the tank for ~1k and uses a knockback, an intercept, and a spell reflect.
  • In battle stance he hits faster but regularly, and uses a cleave.
  • In berserker stance he hits very hard and uses a mortal strike and a whirlwind. The mortal strike hits a well geared tank for more than 8k, and can crit for as much as 14k. When he whirlwinds he hits for about 1k (on plate) several times and will move around the platform. Well-armored characters can endure this attack but it is still better strategy to avoid it, and cloth wearers need to step out of its path.

He has two dwarves that accompany him. On normal difficulty, they have approximately 45000 health. They should be killed first as they can heal him if left alone. They can also be feared, slowed, polymorphed, sapped and trapped.


Normal mode
Inv staff 71.png
Inv axe 03.png
Inv shoulder 79.png
Inv jewelry ring 43.png

Heroic mode
Inv gauntlets 06.png
Inv belt 35.png
Inv shoulder 92.png
Inv pants 03.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png


  • I am the greatest of my father's sons! Your end has come!
Battle stance
  • Defend yourself, for all the good it will do!
Defensive stance
  • Give me your worst!
Berserker stance
  • GRAAAAAH! Behold the fury of iron and steel!
Killing a player
  • So ends your curse!
  • Flesh... is... weak!
  • Bolvin umyol marnjar.
  • How can it be...? Flesh is not... stronger!

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