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Nebu is a Blizzard employee, responsible for news posts and much of guide info on the official website. His current responsibilities are to add updates to the official website and support web sites for other Blizzard games such as Diablo II, and Warcraft II.

He is also known by his real name GFraizer (Geoff Fraizer) on the site.

His personal website is Expect Nothing.

Kali Compton

Nebu/GFraizer was the founder of the in-game World of Warcraft guild called Kali Compton [1]. The guild is currently run by Nosmirc, commonly known as Crimson. Nebu is the current leader of the gaming clan which was formed in 1996 and spans multiple games including games outside of Blizzard.

Created content


Filmology - Link to game credits.

  • 1995-1997 - Ran the #1 Warcraft II web site on the internet titled Shlonglor's Warcraft II page. This resulted in an eventual job at Blizzard Entertainment.
  • 1997-1998 - QA on StarCraft
  • 1998-Current - Web Team (Web Designer->Webmaster->Web Specialist->Web Producer->Current Job: Web Content Manager)
  • Main Blizzard forum poster on the and World of Warcraft forums from 1998-2004. Hasn't posted on the forums as rep since 2004.

Random information

  • Photo - Guy on the far right.
  • Has never been a GM nor had any GM powers.
  • Was featured on a CBS show about the web about joining Blizzard along with Ted Park and Bill Roper aired at 12:30 a.m. in 1999.