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Gilneas Civil War
Gilneas Civil War
Place: Gilneas
Outcome: Capture of Gilneas by the Feral worgen

The Gilneas Civil War was a civil war which occured some time between the closing of the Greymane Wall and the outbreak of the worgen curse.

Darkness fell on Gilneas after the Greymane Wall's gates had been closed, Lord Darius Crowley prophesized that King Genn Greymane's decision to defect from the Alliance of Lordaeron was a grave mistake, which led him to be imprisoned for dissention.[1]

As the worgen curse started to ravage the nation, Lord Crowley was freed, and led an uprising, playing on tensions among the displaced citizens, which escalated over time, ending in a bloody civil war that left the kingdom in tatters.[2][3]

During the civil war, the Northgate Rebellion secretly smuggled artillery into Gilneas City. It was hidden in a cellar. The secret rebel arsenal was later used against feral worgen during the siege of Gilneas' capital.[4]

As part of a diversion set up by Genn Greymane to allow Gilnean citizens to evacuate safely, Crowley spearheaded a faction of sane Gilneans to defend Greymane City. Losing one district after another, they organized a final stand at Light's Dawn Cathedral, but the few defenders that were left were finally overwhelmed by feral worgen, and Gilneas' capital fell with them, ending the civil war.

Nowadays, Lord Crowley captures worgen in Blackwald and tries to make them sane,[5] as do King Greymane and Krennan Aranas, the Royal Alchemist.




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The Gilneas Civil War