This page contains automatically-generated and alphabetically-sorted lists of global functions usable in the World of Warcraft scripting engine. It does not and will not contain short descriptions; please see the World of Warcraft API for that.

Its main purpose is to be an authoritative (insofar as this is possible) list of what functions actually exist, and a source to select from when editing the World of Warcraft API page.

The list is generated under Windows on an Intel machine. APIs specific to other platforms are currently not listed. See the scripts used if you want to do a scan of your own. For a complete description of changes, see API change summaries.

API Functions

This is a list of global functions not implemented in Lua. It also includes standard Lua global functions and aliases to the standard library functions. Bolded entries are not on the World of Warcraft API page yet.

This list is current as of patch 4.0.1 (Oct 6 2010).

FrameXML Functions

This is an incomplete list of global functions implemented as part of FrameXML. Not all functions are worth documenting on World of Warcraft API.

This list is current as of patch 4.0.1 (Oct 6 2010).

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