Glutton is a level 37 elite abomination mini-boss found in Razorfen Downs, created from the remains of Tartek the Enraged. He is a powerful melee fighter and repeatedly enrages with the emote "Glutton is getting hungry!" during the fight, attacking even harder. It is notable that he is much more well-spoken than most abominations, even using more than one multisyllabic word in a sentence. It is unknown if this means that he has absorbed the intellect of what he was made from, or if it was some roll of the dice that a modicum of intelligence elevated him above many others of his "race."

Glutton patrols the lower tier of Spiral of Thorns, and can be pulled without any adds if you wait for him to wander to an opportune place.


  • Me smell stench of the living!


Notable Loot
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