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Gnoll is the name for a language originating from the gnolls. It was known by the skeletal mage Chauch-eta.[1] The gnoll language is described as sounding like barks.[2] It is likely a dialect of Low Common, because the main language of the Gnoll race is specified to be Low Common, and some speak a form of broken Common.[3] If Gnoll is not a dialect of Low Common it would have to be an obscure or obsolete language little used by the gnoll race. However barks are not representive of Low Common words, and likely represents remnants of the original Gnoll language.

Note: As mentioned above in the RPG, Gnoll is not the primary language of the gnolls and it doesn't even appear in their list of secondary languages. The only reference to specific Gnoll is Chauch-eta, and no other gnolls.

Gnoll primer

No specific terms in Gnoll or Gnollish Low Common (broken Common) have ever been given. What lies below are any descriptions or references to their language and possible translations given.

  • To bark three times apparently means "keep your distance".[2]


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