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Gnomish flying machine

Gnomish flying machine in art.


The gnomish flying machine (aka gnomish helicopter[1] (M&M 187) [2] (MM&M 187) or gnomish copter[2] (MM&M 192)) was designed by the gnomes of Khaz Modan to compensate for their lack of physical strength with ingenuity and daring. Although these awkward contraptions' armor and armament are too light for then to serve as weapons of mass destruction, flying machines can be used to survey vast areas of terrain, making them invaluable for discovering the movements of the Horde.[3] (W2BnetMan 3)

The first tiny flying machines were built by the gnomes of Khaz Modan, who proved their worth to the Alliance by using their helicopters to scout far behind enemy lines. Though unarmed, fragile, and temperamental, gnomish helicopters remain some of the fastest and most maneuverable machines in the skies. The flying machine is also known as a gnomish copter.[1] (M&M 187) [2] (MM&M 192)

This particular model of gnomish flying machine apparently was based on the earlier gnomish whirligigs and sky-engines.[4] (LG 78)

Dwarven tinkers improved on this technology after the Second War, first by creating dwarven gyrocopters and then later the upgraded dwarven flying machines. The gnomes themselves have upgraded to the static winged gnomish biplane.

It moves at 80 miles per hour and has a crew of 1.[1] (M&M 187)

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