Goblin Bruisers are the policing force of the goblin cities. They wander the streets of their respective cities making sure that the visitors do not create disturbances that would in any way disrupt the flow of trade. The goblins rely very heavily on commerce and do whatever it takes to keep things running smooth. They cannot allow the pettiness of the world conflicts to interfere with their business. If any members of the Alliance and Horde cause disturbances on city grounds, the Bruisers are quick to react, assaulting the aggressors and running them out of town, killing them if necessary. It is due to the Bruisers that skeletons of dead players continually litter the ground in the cities that they occupy, especially on PvP servers. This may have to do largely with players accidentally attacking players of the opposing faction by right clicking them instead of an NPC.

If a Bruiser is attempting to attack a player and that player cannot be reached, the Bruiser will shoot the player. To fix this, a player should make themselves reachable to the Bruiser. However, Bruisers will sometimes continue to shoot the player, resulting in swift death. Shots fired by Bruisers have significant knockback.

It would be unwise to assume that just because an area is protected by bruisers, it is a safe haven. For example, the level 57 bruisers protecting Ratchet are hardly a threat to level 80 players.

The six cities and areas protected by the Bruisers are:

Note: On a PvE server, if you visit a goblin city, it is suggested that you not be flagged for PvP at the time, as you may accidentally get yourself attacked (and killed) by the Bruisers through no fault of your own.


Killing Booty Bay Bruisers will increase your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation by 25. However, this has to be paid with -62.5 Booty Bay and -62.5 Steamwheedle Cartel reputation (which adds up to -125 rep for Booty Bay).



Goblin Bruisers are warriors and can speak Common and Goblin.[1] (DF 179)

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