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Goblin Mining Helmet is one of the few items that can increase the wearer's mining skill.

As a Bind on Pickup item, only the creator can use it.


Goblin Mining Helmet is crafted by Engineers who have specialized in Goblin Engineering, and have a minimum skill level of 205.

The components are:
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8x [Mithril Bar]
Inv ore iron 01.png
4x [Elemental Earth]
Inv misc gem opal 02.png
1x [Citrine]

The recipe for this item is taught by the Goblin Engineering trainer.


Once you make this item for yourself, you can continue to wear it if you drop the Goblin Engineering specialization, since it only requires Engineering to wear it.

Malfunction Effects: None

Notes: Goblin Mining Helmet provides 190 Armor and +15 Stamina in addition to the Equip effect. These have no level requirement and can be worn as early as level 30 (where you can first specialize in Goblin Engineering)

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