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The Goblin Hierarchy has eight levels within its system, from the Trade Princes to slaves. [1]


Trade Prince
The five (more or less) rulers of the goblin world, each runs his own private army, holds lands around Azeroth, and collectively controls the Trade Coalition.
The hands of the trade princes, moguls are entrepreneurs: men and women who run various businesses, such as deforesting, drilling, mining, and the like, throughout the world.
Each land owned by a trade prince has a baron to serve as magistrate over the land and holdings.
Slavers are wealthy merchants who sell slaves. Goblin slavers run Kezan’s slave rings, or simply own several slaves of their own for personal use. Although the trade princes condone slave rings, the slavery trade is kept quiet. Goblins have no wish to offend potential customers who might object to this controversial but highly lucrative line of business.
Trade Fleet Ranks
A captain runs a single ship, and some run entire Trade Fleets under a trade prince. Admirals are assigned to run more than one Trade Fleet. Occasionally a captain runs his own private merchant vessel, though he still pays taxes to the trade princes.
Trader and Merchant
It's hard to truly rank traders and merchants, as some may be dirt poor while others quite wealthy, but even the lowest trader or merchant sits in comfortable middle class society. These guys sell goods (both handmade and, more commonly, fenced) under the jurisdiction of their trade princes. Traders wander the globe, hawking their goods, while merchants set up shops for moguls and/or barons. Must lowly goblins aspire to become merchants or traders.
Civilian and Worker
Often little more than slaves. The bulk of the goblin race, the lower class works long hours for little money and even less thanks. Most aspire to become a trader or master craftsman and earn a comfortable place in middle or upper society.
As mentioned above, slaves are illegal but rampant in goblin society. Afforded no rights at all, slaves are used for the harshest manual labor and other deplorable pursuits.

Other ranks

Nothing is really known about this Tinkers' Union role other than the ability to place orders for expensive and frivolous items.


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