"Goblin Tinker" redirects here. For the Warcraft III hero unit, see Goblin Tinker (Warcraft III).

Goblins are mad inventors who produce useful gadgets despite their chaotic, crazed, and explosively-oriented mindsets. They are the ultimate tinkers, competing with gnomes to produce the best devices around. This competition is friendly or deadly, depending on the individuals involved — sometimes it's both.

Goblin tinkers differ from their gnome counterparts. Goblins enjoy instant gratification. They work on an invention until it sort of, kind of functions, then they move on to another one. They get a thrill when they finish something, even if "finishing" means that it works properly one out of ten times.

Goblin tinkers also have a penchant for destructive devices. They like blowing things up and tearing them down. Thus, goblins make rockets, bombs, shredders, flamethrowers and similar devices. Even their creations that aren't directly related to warfare and flagrant environmental abuse have a tendency to explode terrifically when they malfunction. Early goblin zeppelins, while quite stable, functioned by using open flames to warm flammable gas — not a combination to inspire confidence in passengers. Though goblin tinkers amuse many, they do so only at a distance; those nearby eye the tinker with expressions of mixed incredulity and fear.

The iconic goblin inventor grins madly through a leather cap and soot-covered goggles. Devices of all sorts are strapped across his body, many of which look broken. He brandishes… something… to threaten his opponents.[1]

Goblin tinkers can speak Common, Dwarven, Goblin, Low Common, and Orcish.[2]