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Golganneth the Thunderer is the son of Aman'Thul and Eonar. The giant Male Aesir Titan is platinum-skinned and his weapon is a massive horn he holds on his hand. Lightning flows constantly off his eyes. He created the skies and seas of Azeroth and all the living creatures of the sea 147,000 years ago. Father creator of the Sea Giants.

Golganneth takes joy in his creations and supports the Pantheon's mission to bring order to chaos. He has a massive laugh, which he uses often, and a fine sense of humor. He is a diligent, energetic titan who takes great joy in all he does. Yet, within, he loves the fury of nature. He engages combat by blowing his massive Viking-like horn weapon known as Shargahn. The horn's sound can shatter mountains, but he prefers not to use it often as his duty is to create, not to destroy. If possible, he swoops above and around any conflict, directing Shargahn's massive storms and creatures. He is the embodiment of thunderstorms and lightning, storms and winds. When angered, he is truly frightening.

Azeroth's sea giants venerate him and hold small ceremonies several times a year in his honor. These ceremonies involve the crafting and sounding of musical horns and the feeding of small fish.[2]

Long dead?

Novels This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

A tale of Lei Shen suggests the last members of the Pantheon, including Golganneth, have been dead for millenia, killed by Sargeras around the time of the forming of the Burning Legion.[1]


Golganneth has some similarities to the "thunderer"-archetype, of which the Norse god Thor is a famous example. Shargahn also has a tie with Thor's hammer, Mjollnir, in that neither are traditionally weapons (in old Nordic times hammers were used exclusively as tools, and were considered a very strange choice for a weapon). Golganneth's horn is more reminisent of Heimdall, but his province of the sea and storms most closely links him with Njord, also of the Norse pantheon, or Poseidon/Neptune, Greco-Roman mythology.respectively.[3]


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