Goramosh is a blue dragon who has been tasked with seeing to the negotiations between the blue dragonflight and the Ethereum. This involves meeting with Wind Trader Mu'fah. However, Goramosh is busy tending to a ritual upon his arrival, and orders one of his Mage Hunters to delay their meeting. He does not seem to care about Mu'fah's irritation at being made to wait for the audience, despite the constant complaints and even threats of calling off the meeting.

Objective of


  • Frostbolt- Inflicts frost damage to the target and slows it's movement for 4 sec.
  • Cone of Cold- Inflicts frost damage to enemies in front of Goramosh, slowing their movement for 8 sec.


On aggro:

  • Goramosh says: You're too late! The accord has been negotiated. Only the details remain. Small details... like you!

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