Grand Magus Telestra is a high elf boss inside the Nexus. She is one of the mages of the Kirin Tor who has sided with Malygos to retain her arcane powers. Currently, she is guarding one part of Keristrasza's prison. She is also the leader of the effort to redirect the ley lines in the Dragonblight.


The fight has three phases.

Phase 1

  • Casts Firebomb (Hits around 800 Damage to the enemy and other enemies around the original target.)
  • Casts Ice Nova (Deals 2357 to 2643 Frost damage to all enemies within 60 yards, stunning them for 3 sec.)
  • Casts Gravity Well (Continuously pulls all players within 60 yards to the caster, rapidly dealing 75 Shadow damage for 6 sec.)

Group heals will be useful for this, considering the Grand Magus uses AoE spells.

Phase 2

At 50% health she will Vanish and create 3 Clones of herself. Each clone will cast spells from each Mage Tree:

  • Frost: Casts Ice Barb and Blizzard
  • Fire: Casts Fire Blast and Scorch
  • Arcane: Casts Time Stop (Stuns all enemies for 2 sec), Critter (Similar to Polymorph. Can be dispelled.)

The clones can be polymorphed (but not mind controlled). If you have no CC, kill the Frost wielding clone first to reduce AoE damage or the Arcane Magus to limit the number of Time Stops and Critters cast. If you have Mages a good trick is to have them use this macro:

/target Frost Magus (or Fire Magus)
/cast polymorph
/target Arcane Magus

All ranged dps can use a targeting macro (or macros) to quickly pick up the correct target.

Phase 3

Once the clones are destroyed she will reappear with 50% health, and will use the same attacks as in phase one. When she reaches 25% health, she will Freeze everyone and cast Fireball Volley (AoE fireball spell) that will hit everyone in a 30 yard radius.

At the start of this phase, the following macro is useful for all players:

/target Grand Magus Telestra


Phase 1

Little difference from non heroic, with the exception that spells hit much harder. Fire and frost resistance effects are useful (totem, aura, etc.) to reduce damage taken in all phases.

Phase 2

With the increase in damage that the clones deal, the arcane time stop clone can seriously hinder healing efforts and can occasionally polymorph the healer.

Clones are able to be CC'd in all forms. CS, fear, stuns, and sheep are effective.

She has been observed to clone at least twice if not taken down quickly.

It is possible to take her down to nearly 0% before this phase with a well geared group, so that she dies as soon as the clones are all destroyed.

Phase 3

Little to no difference from non heroic phase. Possibility for her to clone herself again.


Normal Mode
Inv belt 26.png
Inv bracer 14.png
Inv wand 18.png

Heroic Mode
Inv shoulder 78.png
Inv bracer 07.png
Inv helmet 130.png
Inv misc book 06.png
Spell holy summonchampion.png

Normal and Heroic Mode - Winter Veil 2009
Inv helmet 67.png


In Dragonblight at the Moonrest Gardens:

Magister Keldonus says: My lady, the surge needle is fully operational.
Magister Keldonus says: The ley line beneath this night elf temple is now flowing into the Azure Dragonshrine. Our brothers should have all the power they need to crush our enemies.
Grand Magus Telestra says: You have done well, Keldonus. Lord Malygos will be quite pleased with your progress.
Magister Keldonus says: I live only to serve the master, my lady.

On Keldonus' aggro:

Grand Magus Telestra says: Deal with this interruption, Keldonus. After you are through, bring me the head of the one they call <name>. I will decorate my chambers with <his/her> skull.

On Keldonus' death:

Grand Magus Telestra says: This transgression against the Blue Dragonflight has been noted. I will take extra pleasure in separating the life energy from your body!

In the Nexus: Aggro:

  • You know what they say about curiosity.


  • There's plenty of me to go around.
  • I'll give you more than you can handle.


  • Now to finish the job!


  • Death becomes you!


  • Damn the... luck.


Grand Magus Telestra Boss Fight

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