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For the Warcraft III building, see Graveyard (Warcraft III). For the instance wing, see the Graveyard section of the Scarlet Monastery article.

A graveyard is an area where graves of the dead are found. They can range from simple unmarked plots to walled areas with mausoleums.

A large graveyard

In World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

Graveyards are special locations in World of Warcraft where the ghost of a dead character appears. Each graveyard has a Spirit Healer. Graveyards are usually, but not always, located near towns. There are never any graveyards (of the type where you spawn after death) in instances.

In faction zones, there are usually three or more graveyards. In contested territory, there are usually only one or two graveyards, but some have as many as three or four.

For example, at one time there was only one graveyard each in Desolace, but Feralas contained three graveyards.

In battlegrounds, there is a Spirit Healer who resurrects all ghosts in the graveyard every 30 seconds. This only works if your side actually controls that graveyard.

When you die, you will usually appear at a graveyard nearest to where you died, but generally in the same zone, if you died near a zone border.[citation needed]

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