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The Great Divide

Before - from trailer

After - from trailer

The Great Divide is a huge lava-filled chasm created by the Cataclysm that splits the Barrens in two. It now serves as the dividing line between the Northern and Southern Barrens. Because of the size and depth of the chasm, the only way to travel by ground from the Northern Barrens to the Southern Barrens is via a small path that goes through an unnamed Horde camp, crosses the divide at the Merchant Coast and ends in front of Northwatch Hold. Players that are within the level of the two zones (15-30) should take care not to fall in, as if the fall doesn't kill them, the lava which covers most of the bottom of the divide will. In addition, any player that does not have a flying mount and the ability to fly in Azeroth, will likely to be forced to use their Hearthstone to escape.


  • This may be a reference to the real world Great Divide in North and South America, also known as the Continental Divide, a line that runs along the entire length of the two continents seperating rain drainage basins.

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