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Great Hall in Warcraft II

Great Hall in Warcraft III

The great hall serves many purposes, such as being the gathering place and command center, for most Orcish settlements. Unfit for battle, the lowly Peons are trained here to perform the menial tasks of construction, repair and harvesting. This is also where vital raw materials are gathered to be processed and then distributed. The Great Hall is always a source of fevered activity as the laboring Peons work to please their overseers. When settlements achieve greater prosperity and require stronger defenses, the Great Hall can be reinforced to become a Stronghold.[1] (WC2man 78)

The great hall is the core stronghold of any orc clan. Using this structure, orcs process lumber and gold from mining operations are processed. Raw materials pilfered from enemy camps are added to the war chest. In time, the great hall can also be more heavily fortified.[2] (WC3man 27)

In World of Warcraft

Great halls are now rare, the modern Horde seeming to favour large towers as a town's hub, such as with Thrallmar. Still, some great halls still exist, such as in Stonard. Others can be found in Kil'sorrow Fortress, eastern Sludge Fen, and Garrosh's Landing.

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