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A small type of fey, grells are similar in appearance to imps, but are generally larger in size, lack the characteristic horns, and are not devils. Grells come in both melee and spell caster variants. They are common to Shadowglen and Fel Rock in Teldrassil and Bashal'Aran in Darkshore.

Grell are small playful creatures that can be encountered in wild areas. This small, skipping creature looks a bit like a thin, gangly orange goblin. Large ears spread from its bald head. Its pupil-less yellow eyes stare as it raises a claw. They are not particularly dangerous individually, but in gangs they can pose a threat to outlying night elf and furbolg communities; they may be small and unimpressive, but their claws are sharp. Scattered groups of them are actively malicious. Some grell wear earrings, which scholars believe may possess magical traits. Grell are fond of Hyacinth Mushrooms. Grell are not particularly hostile; generally, they are content to leave potential dangers alone. If an opponent attacks, however, they defend themselves fiercely. Grell in a gang feel no particular connection to each other, it seems, and are as likely to assist their comrade as to watch the combat idly.[1]


  • Some creatures that share the grell model are also known as sprites, although this term is shared with the more benign faerie dragons and wisps.
  • Many creatures that share the grell model are demons, although the original species is not demonic according to lore. Its unknown if the demonic types are separate races entirely, corrupted grell, or simply given the demonic template for game play mechanics.
  • For unknown reasons grell, along with all creatures in World of Warcraft that use the same model, twitch their thumb on the hand which holds their main hand weapon and continue to blink when dead.
  • If you compare pictures, you might notice that grells look like a type of wild, deformed goblin.

Grell species and grell-like creatures


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