This is the 5-man, level 85, heroic mode dungeon boss. See Gri'lek (original) for the old Zul'Gurub raid version.

Gri'lek is a ghost troll berserker boss that may randomly spawn during the Cache of Madness event in Zul'Gurub. It requires an Archaeology skill of 225 or more to activate. The other potential bosses are: Hazza'rah, Renataki, Wushoolay.

A typical berserker, Gri'lek will fixate ([Pursuit]ω τ ϖ) on a specific target from time to time, grow in size ([Avatar]ω τ ϖ), and begin to chase that player down. If the player gets hit, they will take massive damage, so they must flee from Gri'lek until his chase ends.

While fixated, Gri'lek will cast at least one [Entangling Roots]ω τ ϖ on his target, which is a magic snare. The healer must be ready to cleanse this.

From time to time he will cast [Rupture Line]ω τ ϖ which is a slow ranged attack that causes a 25K earth spike after 2 seconds.

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