Grove of Aessina

[18, 33]

is a small grove devoted to the greater wilderness spirit of Aessina. It is located in the northwest corner of Mount Hyjal.


According to Matoclaw:

Gossipgossipicon.png Tell me about the spirit of Aessina.

We mortal races know so little of Aessina, the spirit of the wilderness who lurks in dense untamed woods. She is the soul of the forest, its beating heart, the sources of life energy that breaks down stone, devours ancient ruins, and fills dense thickets with mystery and fear. Aessina is the center of the web of life.

The night elves have built shrines to her throughout Kalimdor. She is revered, yes... But not understood.

What would it be like, do you think, to get even a glimpse of this reclusive, powerful ancient?

Flight Paths

Neutral Nordrassil, Mount Hyjal
Neutral Shrine of Aviana, Mount Hyjal


Quest givers (all removed during the Firelands Invasion)
Other (removed during the Firelands Invasion)

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