The gronn Grulloc

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is one of the seven sons of Gruul the Dragonkiller, who is the final dungeon boss located in his lair in Blade's Edge Mountains. Grulloc spends his time guarding a bag of unknown contents in a place known as the Cursed Hollow.

Attacks and abilities

  • Basic Melee: 900 - 1100 on 14k armor.
  • Grulloc Growth: Increases his melee damage by a certain amount, this ability stacks each time he uses it.

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Even though he should be killed by a 5 man group he hits the hardest of any Gronn besides Gruul. He has a normal regular hit which is easily healed through. The hard part comes when he uses his growth ability, this ability makes him enrage and increases his damage by a lot. (First charge goes for 1600/2000 on 14k armor.) As the enrage wears off he still keeps the growth charge which makes the next growth even more damaging.

When he enrages, he also gets a 70% movement speed debuff, so just have the tank kite him till it wears off, making him an incredible easy fight.


Grulloc's bag of goodies is used by Rexxar to repay Baron Sablemane for creating him a poison put in an ogre clan called Bloodmaul's alcohol kegs. In order to get this bag of unknown contents, you have Rexxar's pet named Huffer (a boar) distract him. The Alliance version of this quest instead has Baron Sablemane give the player a sleeping potion to use on Grulloc.

Grulloc is also an objective of the quest N [70+] Grulloc Has Two Skulls where it has the player kill Grulloc in order to loot his skull.

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